John Kerry SF 180 Day 3-7

The Federalist Patriot had a quote from John Kerry which basically blasted Republicans and discussed how the elected folks need to gain the trust of the people. This is from the same guy who indicated that he would sign the SF 180 to release all of his military records without restriction. Kerry has yet to earn our trust by completing that task.

John, it seems that you think Americans have a short memory. This is not the 1970s where you could tell one group one thing and another group something different. This is not a time where you can make claims and then deny you made them or say you were taken out of context. This is 2006 with instant news and information. The Internet is up to the minute and there are enough people out there who will keep this thing on the front burner.

Ii is time for you to sign the SF 180 allowing unrestricted access to your military records and it is time for you to send that 180 to the correct place so that the American people can see for themselves what the record contains. Be a man and keep your word because this will not go away.

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One Response to “John Kerry SF 180 Day 3-7”

  1. The Bosun says:

    I doubt that John will ever sign it. He is one big bull artist and we are fortunate that he is not our president. Otherwise, we would have to learn French and have compusary service with the United Nations.