John Kerry, Rich Man, Cheap Whine

John Kerry had barely let the applause from George Bush’s speach settle when he took to the air to attack the President. It seems that Mr. Kerry was upset that the whole convention attacked his ability to lead this country ans serve as the Commander-in-Chief. I saw a convention that showed how George Bush is protecting this country and how he will continue to do so. And yes, there was a criticism of Kerry. They were however, a recount of his record as a Senator and his total neglect of those in the service. Kerry, touchy after taking a sound thrashing by the Swift Boat Vets, has now become the attacker. He said that he will not let his ability to serve as the Commander-in-Chief be questioned by those who could have served in Vietnam but did not. In case you were not aware, John Kerry served in Vietnam. Anyway, Kerry’s statements mean that it is OK for his ability to lead to be questioned, but only by those who served in Vietnam, like say the Swift Boat Vets.
But Kerry has apparently done another flip-flop. He has done everything he can to get the Swift Boat Vets shut down. He is getting lawyers involved and he has asked the publisher to pull the book off the shelves. In other words, he said they couldn’t criticize him before he said they could. This man is the purest example of an arrogant, pompous ass. You see, Kerry does not believe that anyone should question a man who has spent his life working to be the next JFK. He questions everyone else’s motives, service, and truthfulness but gives lip service to those who would do the same to him. John Kerry is an idiot who believes the American public is too stupid to see through him. I thank him for his service to our country but how dare him decide who may or may not question him? This is a slap in the face to all the men and women in uniform who fight for the right for people to do just that. John Kerry, war hero, was suppose to have fought for the same thing. Remember when he came back and protested the war so efficiently it earned him a place in the North Vietnam hall of fame? Remember he was expressing his opinions and how dare anyone try to keep him quiet? Well John boy, the shoe is on the other foot. There are people with things to say and they have every right to do so. So sit down, shut up, and accept responsibility for the actions you took in the past.
Am I the only one who sees that the Kerry campaign thinks we should focus on what they say Bush’s life failings were in the past but we should disregard what Kerry did in the past and just vote for him so he can tell we uneducated peons how we should live our lives?
John Kerry is a ticking time bomb and he needs to lose bad.
Vote for George bush so we can send this ass back to MA where he belongs.

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