John Kerry panders to the American Legion

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry took time to answer questions posed to him by American Legion Magazine. It is interesting to note that Kerry answered a question about flag burning by stating that he thought this was a freedom of expression but that he was revulsed when he saw such things and would probably punch out and stomp on anyone he saw burning a flag.
Let us ask a few questions. Did John Kerry punch out anyone who burned flags at the Vietnam Veterans Against the War rallies in the early 1970’s? How did he have revulsion to such actions if he stood there and watched them. How can he now state that he does not believe that people should dishonor the flag when he dishonored it on the cover of a book he wrote in the early 70’s? To see the cover go to Big Dog’s House . As a side note, I have no relationship with Big Dog’s House. We both happen to use the moniker Big Dog. I figure if two Johns can run for the White House, two Big Dogs can oppose them!
Anyway, is this another case of John Kerry flip flopping? He is revulsed by flag burning and would take action against someone doing it but he attended flag burnings and did nothing!
In the article, there is a question about immigration. Kerry says he was a former law enforcement person. Was he ever a police officer or did he ever have police powers of any kind. I really do not know. I think he is trying to make the Legionnaires believe he is tough on crime when he is not. He states in the article that he believes that the law is there to mean something. He admitted to being a war criminal. These words came out of his own mouth. It was not a dirty Republican trick that made John Kerry admit to being a war criminal. If he believes in law and was a law enforcement person he should turn himself in for his crimes. He won’t do it because while he will tell the Legion he is a law enforcement guy there are pictures of his past. Pictures of him and Ted Kennedy (aka the boozer) on the lawn of the Mall trying to figure whether the VVAW should defy the Supreme Court’s order not to be there. Some law enforcement guy!
Finally, there is a part in the article where Kerry says families of service members are having bake sales to raise money to buy them body armor. I do not know if families can buy body armor but be that as it may, how can Kerry criticize and make it look like George Bush is not equipping our troops. Kerry is the one who has voted against all sorts of weaponry and has voted against the money needed to equip our troops. He is pandering to the Legion by saying what he thinks they want to hear. He is doing this in spite of the truth because if he talked about truthful items the Legion would throw him out.
Interesting to note, John Kerry is a member of American Legion post 63 in Salem NH. I would be interested in knowing how long he has been a member.
Vote for Bush and keep this elitist creep in MA with that blood sucker Kennedy where he belongs!

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