John Kerry Now Insults Scientists

The United nations report on Global Warming is out and it has the Democrats salivating like Pavlov’s dog in a bell factory. The report indicates that man is most likely the cause of increased global temperatures and this is proof positive, to them, that something needs to be done (something that will have a huge price tag and increase taxes). John Kerry made a statement about this:

“Although President Bush just noticed that the earth is heating up, the American public, every reputable scientist and other world leaders have long recognized that global warming is real and it’s serious. The time to act is now,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who with GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine crafted one of a half-dozen competing bills to address global warming. AP (via Comcast)

To John Kerry the only reputable scientists are those who endorse global warming. There are as many scientists who disagree with the theory as who espouse it and yet John Kerry said that every reputable scientist have long recognized. What he basically said is, if you are a scientist who does not agree with this then you are not reputable. You would think that after ruining his chances to run for the White house by opening his big mouth, he would take a bit more time to think before he speaks.

While many Democrats view the UN report as a smoking gun that gives irrefutable evidence to support their beliefs, I do not. I can find as many scientists who disagree and they are no less reputable than those who agree. The left will counter that the only scientists who disagree are paid by the oil companies. This would be incorrect but we could just as easily say that the only scientists who agree are paid big research dollars to say global warming is a problem.

I do not believe global warming is a problem and I do not think we should devote billions of dollars to it. The UN report will support the idea so that they can compel wealthy countries like the US to pay billions and billions of dollars to fix it (as if we actually could). They will use this to try to force us to sign onto Kyoto, an item that would be a disaster to us and would provide minimal if any results.

If these pompous Liberals who are on the global warming bandwagon really want to decrease fossil fuel use why do they not allow us to build nuclear reactors all over the country to supply our energy needs. The French have a lot of reactors and have done very well with them. We could do the same here. Hell, nuclear reactors in California would solve their electrical problems nearly overnight and would decrease the amount of fossil fuels consumed there. We, of course, will not completely eliminate fossil fuels for quite some time. God put them here for us to use and we are using them.

It is just unfortunate that the global warming zealots can not just worry about the pollution they produce. They have to impose their beliefs on all of us and when they do it always costs money. I will, of course, not get rid of my SUV no matter what they do.

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