John Kerry Let That SF 180 Free

It has been another week and John Kerry has still not fulfilled his promise to America. He stated in no uncertain terms that he would sign an SF 180 and allow his military records to be released. Kerry has stonewalled ever since. He signed an SF 180 before and it was sent to the wrong place. He claimed that all his records had been released but the Navy said it had about 100 more pages.

John Kerry makes some impressive speeches about holding this one or that one accountable for their words and deeds. John needs to look in the mirror and tell the guy he sees to uphold his promise. Here is what you need to do John. Sign the SF 180 and check the box that allows an unrestricted release of your records. Send the form to the place that actually has all your records. Sit back and wait for them to be released.

I have long believed Kerry is hiding a dishonorable discharge from the public. If he had released it a long time ago it would not have made a difference to most people. Those who supported him would have said so what and those who were against him would have said I told ya so. In any event, it would have been forgotten. His refusal to honor his word tells me that he is intent on hiding something and since he will not show us we will have to decide for ourselves what it is. I will start the list and you can add to it.

1. Dishonorable discharge.
2. Case of VD while in Vietnam.
3. Details of John murdering people who were already wounded.
4. Picture of Kerry kissing his COs butt so he could get a Purple Heart and come home.

Have fun with it.

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