John Kerry, Honesty And The SF 180

The President recently delivered a speech at the US Naval Academy. The President makes speeches at a lot of military installations and, as Commander in Chief, that is is prerogative. During the last Presidential election we had to listen to John Kerry tell us about the path for America. Unfortunately, the substantial loss he suffered has not sunk in to the level where he realizes that no one wants to hear what he has to say. Despite that reality, Kerry made a speech in response to the Presidents. This guy must think he is still in the election cycle. Here is a bit of what he had to say:

“I want to start by saying that our troops in Iraq are serving with bravery and resolve of the highest caliber. These are truly some of the most amazing men and women I’ve ever met. I respect them and their commitment to our country and our world tremendously. And that’s why we owe it to them to have an honest conversation about Iraq.

We have entered a make-or-break six month period in Iraq. Our success depends on eliminating the overwhelming impression among Iraqis that we seek a long-term occupation. This perception not only fuels the insurgency; it’s the primary obstacle to Iraqis believing that their government is truly their own — one that they must step up and fight for themselves.

The president says no war has ever been won on a timetable – and I say to him: No war has ever been won with sound-bites. No war has ever been won by keeping the American people in the dark. No war has ever been won without a clear strategy.

John Kerry said we owe it to have honest conversation. OK John, let us skip the pleasantries and get right to honest conversation. Nearly a year ago you promised the American people that you would sign an SF 180 allowing the complete, unrestricted release of your military records. You have yet to do so. You lied. You have not engaged in Honest Conversation because you have not fulfilled your promised. You are a liar so what on Earth qualifies you to determine what is honest conversation?

Comrade KerryYou commented that our troops are brave and of the highest caliber and that is the truth. It is the truth because they did not cut and run. They did not come home for a scratch or two and leave their buddies behind. They are the highest quality because they are not organizing anti-war rallies and lying about their fellow troops. They are not doing things that will earn them a dishonorable discharge, sound familiar? They are not conspiring with the enemy against the United States. That John, is why they are the highest caliber. You would not know about being high caliber. You do not have the courage to stand by your words and completely release your records.

In your speech you say that 8 of 10 Iraqis want a timetable for release. Your point is that if this many people want something we should give it to them. Well John, 100% of the bloggers in the John Kerry SF 180 blogroll want you to completely and without restriction release your military records. That is a mandate. 100% of us want it so get busy and sign the SF 180.

You have no credibility when it comes to discussing honesty. You have no credibility when it comes to deciding what is the truth and what is not. You are a liar and you continue to try and pull the wool over the people’s eyes. It won’t work because we will not stop until your records are public or you are out of office.

Read the moonbat here.

Did Kerry Really Release Navy Records? (Chicago Sun-Times).

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