John Kerry Has A Plan, Except For His 180

John Kerry is still beating the gloom and doom drum of the left. He continues to make speeches condemning the President for the actions in Iraq. According to John, the whole thing has been mismanaged and we are not doing well. These words of wisdom despite the historic elections that recently took place. John Kerry had this to say about his plan (he forgot that he lost so he continues with his plans) for restructuring our military:

“There will be times, like in Afghanistan, when direct military engagement will be necessary. And that requires reshaping our military for the missions ahead: a larger infantry and more special forces; more personnel trained and equipped to perform post-conflict reconstruction missions; a Guard and Reserve force that meets the nation’s needs overseas and at home.” Source

The only thing he left out was to put them under UN control and subjugate them to the corrupt leaders of that organization. John, I have a plan. You need to follow it carefully. Get a blank SF 180 and fill it out completely allowing unrestricted access to your military records. Then John, the plan is for you to give it to the appropriate department that can release ALL of your records. No more smoke and mirrors. No more giving it to departments that only have a portion of your records. Give it to the correct place that can release ALL of your records.

You proved yourself to be a disgrace when you served this country. You went to war and then came home and protested while still in the service. You then conveniently overlooked much of your wrong doing or overtly lied about it to the American public. If you want to have credibility, have the guts to release all of your records. John, you made a man’s decision many years ago, now stand up, pump out that bird chest of yours and have the guts to pay a man’s price for your actions.

We will not forget this.

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