John Kerry Giving Thanks Records Are Not Released

Some time ago John Kerry told America he would sign the SF 180 allowing the balance of his military records to be released. During the campaign he signed a release and the cherry-picked those items he wanted released. There are about 100 pages of information he has failed to release despite his promise. Speculation among the informed is that the records still incarcerated are the items reflecting his discharge which is probably a dishonorable that was later changed by President Carter.

The Senate is out for a long holiday (three weeks that we pay for. Where can we get jobs like that) so John does not have to worry about distractions from the Jerry Springer show known as the Congress. He will be home where his wife will be busy putting raisins in gin so John has plenty of time to sit down and fill out the SF 180.

Mr. Kerry, now is the time to keep your promise. Fill out the 180 and release all of your records. We need to see records that have not been redacted so that we can make a decision about your service. All through the election your supporters told us how brave you were to go to war and than how brave you were to come home and protest that very war. Brave men do not hide their records. You need to demonstrate the courage of your convictions and release your records. If they show unfavorable items associated with war protests than that is the price you pay for doing what you believed in.

To hide the truth shows that you were an anti-war protester who used his position for political expediency. You are showing that you now what you did was wrong and you do not want the country to see the price you paid. Have some courage and sign the papers. We will not stop asking until you release them or are no longer in office. If you ever expect to run for the Presidency again then continued stonewalling will only hurt you.

We are not the only ones who will use it. Hillary will also be running and she will never pass up an opportunity to use free political ammo.

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