John Kerry Defies His Dead Mother

During the conclusion of the final debate the moderator asked about the candidates wives. John Kerry could not say anything about his wife except she is a money bag, his “sugarmomma” so to speak.
John Kerry instead, talked about his mother who died while he was deciding whether to run or not. He stated that his mother told him three words:

Integrity, Integrity, Integrity (which is, by the way, one word repeated three times).

Unfortunately, John did not listen to his mommy. He therefore disgraced his dead mother’s memory. How did he do this? As I reported in an earlier post, the DNC is putting out a 66 page voter guide that tells how to report voter intimidation EVEN IF IT DOES NOT EXIST!

I was watching the national news right after this story broke a few days ago and a spokeswoman for the DNC said this was perfectly legitimate. When asked if the DNC felt it was OK to encourage voters to lie about intimidation she said it sure was.

I know the DNC is not the Kerry campaign and there are a lot of people there and Kerry can not know everything going on. These are all givens and I would give him a pass except that, and here is the clincher, the spokeswoman said that Senator Kerry has approved the manual and therefore it is OK to use.

So let us get this straight. John Kerry, who told us his dead mother told him integrity three times has given the stamp of approval to a handbook that encourages lying. It would seem that John felt it was OK to invoke his dead mother to give the impression she taught him integrity. Amazing that she still had to teach him this as an adult. I think her dying words were telling him to try some integrity “for a change.”

John Kerry has told some whoppers throughout the campaign. I don’t mean mistakes, they happen (this president never met with the congressional black caucus). He told these lies and made up stories depending upon the polls and the political climate.

Up until the third debate it was just the words of a flip-flopping liar. Now it is a man who did not listen to his momma when she told him to have integrity.
Nice, and people still support him.

Just in case any Kerry folks are reading, this is the definition of integrity

Pronunciation Key (n-tgr-t)n.
Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code

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