John Kerry And The AWOL Records

John Kerry seems to concern himself with many things that involve getting people involved. At his website people can sign a petition to bring 20,000 troops home by the holidays. People can sign petitions to sponsor health care for children and people can get involved with a program to make every vote count. Each of these items is a separate topic for discussion but the common string is that Kerry likes people to sign up for things. A group of bloggers has been involved in a project that we all signed up for and it is an effort to get John Kerry to sign an SF 180 allowing unrestricted release of his military records and for that request to be sent to the department that has control over all his records, not just the ones John cherry-picked to make himself look like a war hero.

John Kerry opened the door to criticism when he started protesting on return from Vietnam after 3 months of bumps and bruises that earned him 3 questionable Purple Hearts and a premature trip home. He opened the door further when he ran for President based upon his “Military Credentials” (the same ones he shunned when protesting) and he fueled the fires of controversy when he deliberately held back some of his records. Kerry signed an SF 180 and sent it to a department that had an abbreviated record and he only released those items that supported his war hero claim. Many folks were skeptical and wanted all the records released. Kerry and his mouth pieces reported that all the records had been released and then the Navy reported there were more than 100 pages still held in private.

After Kerry received a thrashing in the last election he went on TV and when asked about the SF 180 and his records he said that he would sign an SF 180 allowing unrestricted release of his records. The key, of course, is that the request needs to go to the agency that holds his entire record, not an agency with the Cliff’s notes version of the record. It has been nearly a year since John Kerry promised to release all of his records, a promise made on national TV. Those records are still sitting in records purgatory waiting to be released.

John Kerry is afraid that releasing his records will show him to be a liar. This is why he is stonewalling the process. We already know he is a liar. Besides the countless lies he was caught in during the campaign, he admitted to lying about his records. During the campaign he said they had all been released and after, he said he would sign the form to release them in their entirety. In essence, he admitted that there were still some records that had not been released, in contrast to his earlier claims.

John, it is time for you to come clean and release all of your records. We are tired of hearing you talk about others and call them liars. We feel you lack credibility when you say the President lied us into war. You are a liar and you have been deliberately avoiding doing what you said you would. John, this issue will not go away and if you do not release ALL of your records, this will certainly be an issue should you decide to run again.

We will continue this effort until you release the records or no longer hold public office.

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