John Kerry 180 Day Open Trackback

In honor of John Kerry 180 day I have decided to make this an open trackback post. Feel free to link to this site with your post and TB as many times as you like!
And now on to today’s adventure in the exciting life of John “no 180 yet” Kerry

In October of 2004, just weeks before the Presidential election, John Kerry said this in a speech:

But despite all these facts, the President still clings to the idea that we’re making progress, that things are getting better in Iraq and that his policy is working. Mr. President, when it comes to the war in Iraq, it’s time to come clean and acknowledge what your military leaders have been telling you privately. Mr. President, you can choose to ignore the facts, but in the end you can’t hide the truth from the American people. The bottom line, Mr. President: your mismanagement of the war has made Iraq and America less safe and less secure than they could have and should have been today.

Mr. Kerry told the President that it was time to come clean. Mr. Kerry also said that our acts in Iraq have made us less safe. I might remind Mr. Kerry that we have not been attacked since 9/11 and that a great number of attacks have been thwarted. We are safer now despite the acts of a war criminal. You see, John Kerry came home from Vietnam and, while still in the Naval Reserves, protested against the war. He lied about American Atrocities and he lied about the treatment of the POWs held by our enemy. Mr. Kerry’s actions directly resulted in the torture of those very men who refused to tell the Vietnamese the lies that Kerry was spreading as truth. Their dedication caused them to pay for Kerry’s shame. Kerry’s meetings with our enemies were traitorous and not in the best interest of our country. Many of our fighting men were placed in harm’s way because of the actions of John Kerry whose only motivation was to advance his political career. He did not care that he helped cost millions of South Vietnamese their lives by orchestrating an end to hostilities in favor of the enemy.

All of this shows the character of the man. He lied then and he lies now. His actions are also at odds with the statements he made to President Bush. Kerry said that it is time to come clean and that you can not hide the truth from the American People. John Kerry I ask that you take your own advice and come clean. You are attempting to hide the truth from the American People but you will not succeed. We will continue to hound you until you sign the SF 180 to release the balance of your military records.

Strange how we still have a number of moonbats in DC telling us that Bush lied and needs to come clean with the American people yet they are ignoring the fact that JOHN KERRY LIED ON NATIONAL TV by promising to sign the 180. It is time for this anti American cretin to come clean.

And John, we do not want a deleted report of separation. We want to be able to read every word of it. If it is expurgated then it is not considered released.

I am making it easy for you. You can find an SF 180 here.

To all my readers I am asking that you email the link to this SF 180 to Kerry. In addition, consider printing it and mailing it to him. We should get every person who wants the records released to mail an SF 180 to his office each week. That would cause some heads to turn.

Here is his contact info. The email might not be right. The other is a web contact form.
John Kerry
Contact form

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9 Responses to “John Kerry 180 Day Open Trackback”

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  3. Pam says:

    Thank you for keeping this issue in the public eye – Kerry should never have a moment’s peace where this is concerned.

    Couldn’t get trackback to work:

    Blogwatch – Mudville Gazette and BigDog
    …over at BigDog’s Weblog is another call for John Kerry to sign his SF180 – to release his military records. It’s something he promised to do…and of course, he never did…amid all of his calls that the current Administration “come clean,” he should never be allowed to forget that he hasn’t done so.

  4. David says:

    Thanks for the link!

    One (very small) suggestion: May I humbly suggest moving the “R” key on your computer somewhere where it won’t lend itself to the typo “countRy” when you attempt typing “third world county”?

    (Yeh, The Mary Hunter has accused me of selecting my blog’s name just so I can catch folks out on that typo. And he does have a point… :-)

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  7. Big Dog says:

    That is what I get for copying someone else who got it wrong LOL

    I have made the change and hope to get it Right from now on….

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