John Edwards Might Need a Surgeon

Looks like John Edwards might need a surgeon to remove his foot from his mouth. That is where he firmly placed it when he indicated that the greatest short term threat to peace was Israel should that country decide to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

There are other emerging fissures, as well. The aggressively photogenic John Edwards was cruising along, detailing his litany of liberal causes last week until, during question time, he invoked the “I” word — Israel. Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, Edwards remarked, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. As a chill descended on the gathering, the Edwards event was brought to a polite close. [my emphasis] Variety

NRO’s Jim Geraghty asked the same thing I was thinking; “Really? Israel is the biggest threat? Not Ahmedinijad? Not al-Qaeda? Not a coup attempt in Pakistan? Not a complete breakdown in Iraq drawing in the Saudis, Turks, and Iranians?”

Israel is a tiny little country backed up to a body of water and surrounded by enemies on all adjoining land. The President of Iran has stated that Israel should be wiped off the map and the rest of the Muzzie world is hell bent on destroying Israel. They love killing Jews and they love launching rockets into that little country every damned day.The idea that Iran could have a nuclear weapon and launch it at Israel is frightening and yet very real. Iran has made it their mission to destroy Israel and the Breck girl says that Israel bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities is the greatest short term threat??

This man is very liberal and very out of touch. He has this two Americas idea and wants everyone to think he is one of the guys but he lives in that special America, the other side that he depicts as wrong for existing while others live in poverty. He bought a house large enough to put a small village in (the largest in his county) and he is worth millions. He thinks Israel is the greatest threat to short term peace and he is willing to cut and run from our enemies.

Cross this idiot off the list. He will not survive the primaries (though I would not mind seeing him beat Hillary).

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