Joe Wilson Double Standard? Open Trackback

Joe Wilson, husband of “outed” CIA operative Valerie Plame has gotten away with lying about his trip, its purpose and its sponsor while others in government have been raked over the coals because of his belly-aching. This all surrounds the supposed outing of his wife who, depending upon whether you believe the law or the Wilson’s, was a secret agent. Joe Wilson is outraged that someone in the Bush administration gave up his wife’s name and blew her cover though she has not been under cover for years and it is unusual for an analyst to be under cover. Wilson maintains his claims despite the fact that many people say they knew where she worked and that Wilson himself told them of her employment long before the supposed leak.

It would seem that Wilson is trying to get the public to believe that he holds the “secret” in secret agent as sacrosanct. He believes, or would have us believe, that if your name is not supposed to be released then it should not be released. Funny thing is, he does not feel that way when it is someone else’s name. With regard to the recent revelations about Bob Woodward, Wilson had this to say:

Wilson, a former ambassador turned White House critic, told Reuters that The Washington Post should reveal the name of Woodward’s source, and conduct an inquiry to determine why he withheld the information for more than two years from his editors and the federal prosecutor.

The confidentiality of sources, whether for the police or the press, has been a protected item for a very long time. When reporters use a CI they are supposed to verify the information so that they do not report false information from someone trying to distort things (unlike the MSM who openly distorts things). I am cautious when I read that the source is confidential or unnamed because I equate that to “we did not have any real information so we made it up.” Regardless of my feelings, when a reporter actually uses a CI and gives a promise then it should be honored.

Wilson does not feel this way. He believes that anyone who uttered his wife’s name (besides himself) should be “frog marched” to the jail house but that any promise not to reveal a name should not be honored. So basically he is giving us the same liberal elitist mantra of “It is good for us but not for you.” Wilson wants it both ways in that he wants people to get in trouble for not protecting his wife’s confidentiality but he wants others to get in trouble if they DO keep someone’s confidentiality.

Wilson lied about every aspect of this fiasco and has been the only person involved not to be run through the wringer. His yellow cake uranium story does not hold water (since we found it in Iraq) and it is obvious that he has a political agenda aimed at hurting President Bush. Perhaps when Fitzgerald starts looking into the latest developments he can bring Wilson in and ask him a few questions under oath. I think that might clear this up.

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26 Responses to “Joe Wilson Double Standard? Open Trackback”

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