Joe The Plumber Exposes Robbing Hood

A man who has been referred to as Joe the Plumber asked Barack Obama a question last week and the answer turned the world upside down. Obama was so brazen that he actually told the plumber and the camera that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.” Obama knew that he had exposed his plans for Socialism and his bots went into immediate attack mode.

They went after Joe the Plumber. He has not paid his taxes (like say Charlie Rangel?), he does not have a plumber’s license and he does not make 250k a year. Now, Joe never said that he did, just that he was considering buying a business that could make that much and he asked if Obama’s plan would cost him more in taxes.

Joe the Plumber did not ask Obama to come to his house, Joe did not ask to speak to Obama and Joe was not disrespectful when he asked. Joe asked a question of a man who wants to be president and that man has attacked Joe since. The other Joe, Biden, said that the Plumber did not make as much as he claimed (he never claimed he did) and Biden also spoke of the things that were pointed out by the toadies in the media. Obama asked “how many plumbers you know who make a quarter of a million dollars a year?” First of all, maybe a plumber does not but the plumbing BUSINESS might. Secondly, notice how Obama and Biden have deflected the focus from what Obama said to the character of Joe the Plumber?

Thie amounts to nothing more than character assassination against a US citizen who had the audacity to hope he could ask a candidate a question without being attacked. We have seen that this is not the case with Obama. Anyone who speaks out against Obama is attacked. Obama uses email to mobilize his bots and they swarm like bees to attack. Therefore, we get the media reporting on the attacks on Joe and what Joe’s life is about instead of it focusing on Obama revealing that he is for redistribution of wealth by spreading it around.

Barack Obama wants to take money from the rich (or those well off and except for him and his friends who will have loopholes and non taxable investments) and GIVE that money to the poor or less well off. 40% of wage earners pay NO taxes. Obama would give them money. They would file a tax return and get more than what they paid back because Robbing Hood will send them the money confiscated from those making more than 200k a year. Yes, 200k. Don’t be fooled. 250k is for joint filers. Single filers will pay more starting at 200k (and that would include Joe the Plumber because most small businesses file as individual taxpayers to avoid the confusion of business taxes and the accompanying paperwork).

Let us not allow Barack Hussein Obama and the media to change our focus or redirect the conversation. The fact is, it does not matter what Joe the Plumber’s life is like or how many negatives he has. The real concern is how Obama answered the question. Obama said that he wanted to spread the wealth and that is Socialism. It is wrong and it should make people worry.

Once you vote this gun grabbing Socialist into office you will not be able to take it back.

Obama “Robbing Hood” has been exposed by a simple question from a Plumber. The reaction from Obama and Biden as well as their puppets shows how people can expect to be treated if they oppose The One.

Think America. Why is it that we know more about a plumber who asked a question a week ago than we do about Barack Hussein Obama who has been running for two years?

It is not hard to understand his appeal. He plays class warfare and the people who don’t make a lot of money like the idea of getting it without having to work for it. Robbing Hood will just give them other people’s money and that is wrong but they don’t see it that way because they are entitled. The Democrats have bred a citizenry that is happy to take the fruit of other people’s labor.

It is disgusting and we should ensure that nothing is given to these people by Robbing Hood. We should ensure Robbing Hood is sent back to his Chicago hood in defeat.

Chicago Tribune

I took this from a comment at another site. It is absolutely true. None of this has been vetted like Joe the Plumber or Sarah Palin has:

Rev Wright,
Tony Rezko,
Michelle Obama,
Louis Farrakhan,
William Ayres,
Bernadine Dorhn,
Rashid Khalidi,
Nadhmi Auchi,
Khalid Al Monsour,
Frank Marshall Davis,
Saul Alinsky,
Father Pfleger,
Kwame Kilpatrick,
Rev Meeks,
George Soros,
Raila Odingo,
Abongo Obama,
Black Panthers,
Franklin Raines,
Jim Johnson,
Ahmad Yousuf (Hamas),
Fidel, Raul Castro,
Hugo Chavez,
Daniel Ortega,
Mu’ammar Qadhai,
Kim Jong Il,
Barney Frank,
P Diddy,
Maxine Waters,
The NY Times,
Chris Dodd,
Adel Kahatib,

………Change we can ‘bereave’ in

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Joe The Plumber Exposes Robbing Hood”

  1. “Joe the plumber” has been vetted like NO other candidate that I know of in the history of the US! The kicker is, the man is not even running for any office. Sen. Barack Hussein Obama IS running for the highest office of the land and you cannot get much press or the mainstream media to seriously investigste his CHARACTER. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC nor PBS, in my informed knowledge, has parked one of their official news vehicles in front of Sen. Obama’s residence, none of them has scrutinized Sen. Obama’s life in the last 20 month on the campaign trail as closely as they have “Joe the plumber’s” life in just the past week. Something stinks like 3 day old dead fish here! For any private or public entity(NBC News, any other media or form of press, including a political candidate or their campaign)to have that much unrestrained power to literally trash any individual’s life without prejudice just because they do not like a question asked by a US citizen, of a political candidate, gives me a little more insight into that candidate’s(Barack Hussein Obama)character, judgment and thinking. Sen. Obama did NOT have my support or vote before his recent “rolling out his pecker and stepping all over it” stunt by attempting to trash and silence “Joe the plumber,” and as a result my opinion of him now is even lower.

  2. David Kirk says:

    Obama should be called Segue Man. When his tax for over 250k is brought up, he immediately segues to some CEO who is making 8 million dollars a year. Or a $700,000 tax cut for such and such. He doesn’t ever actually address the small businesses who are doing most of the hiring in this country and who already pay an onerous tax that he wants to increase. It’s always about the Fortune 500 (if there is still such a thing) that he immediately wants to talk about. Senator McCain needs to call him on this. He wants to put me (259k) and others like me with the CEO of IBM. It’s a giant leap and one that will hurt this country tremendously. One more tax increase and I will have to let an employee go. I have 5. Multiply me by the thousands of small businesses in the country and we are in trouble.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I cannot figure out how America is not appalled at the way Joe is being treated. The media and the politicians seem to have forgotten that politicians work for us,not the other way around. We have the right to question government. Liberals cry about rights that they like and when other liberals are affected but when people who do not drink their Kool Aid are wronged, they pile on.

    How is it that Joe is taken to task for his taxes but Charlie Rangel, the guy who helps write the tax laws, is given a pass when he avoided paying his?

    How is it that Obama has all these shady associations and no one investigates them? How is it that we still do not know if Obama is eligible to run for office? They sure went to work to check McCain’s eligibility and McCain provided EVERYTHING they needed.

    You are the bellwether. Many businesses like yours will be affected. Once Obama is in there he can screw people to the wall like Clinton did and it will be too late. Those who pay no taxes and get money that is not theirs will be happy because of the class warfare set up by the Dems.

    Good luck my friend.

  4. Mundy says:

    The Daily AntiKos has create a Joe the Plumber Hero Fund to raise money to help Joe once his 15 minutes have worn off and he will try to recover from the damage that the leftists and the libs have done to him. Please spread the word!