Joe Biden’s Budget Woes

King Putt’s vice President and court jester Joe Biden recently took a swipe at GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan by invoking the wise words of his late father. Biden always tells people what the wise words of his father were as if Joe actually lives by them (or as if his father actually said them). Here is what Jester Joe had to say:

“…But my dad [had] a lot of wisdom. Every time someone tell you, say, ‘Look, let me tell you what’s important to me, what I value.’ My dad would go, ‘No, no. Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I will tell you what you value.'” Weekly Standard

I am sure that Biden’s father was talking about people and their personal budgets but Joe made it sound as if ole daddy B was discussing any budget and the assumption is that Ryan has budget ideas that show values contrary to American values. Since Jester Joe decided to apply his pappy’s words to the federal budget I have to wonder if Joe is aware that the Democrat controlled Senate, which Joe is the president of, has not passed a budget in over three years.

If Joe wants us to believe that his daddy said he could tell what someone valued by looking at the budget what do you suppose daddy B would be able to tell about a group of people who passed NO budget?

I also wonder if his daddy would be proud of the fact that Joe is the president of the Senate (OK, he only has one real function there) and that he did not bother to push the Democrats to pass a budget. I would say that it shows the Democrats do not value using a budget or living within its means. I would say that it shows that Democrats value obstruction and cheating taxpayers out of money by not putting in place a mechanism to allocate that money appropriately. I know that it matters little because they do not have to balance anything and they spend as they want regardless of a budget BUT Joe said we could tell a lot about what people value by their budget.

If we accept this as true then we see a lot of things the Democrat controlled Senate values that are contrary to American principles.

To take it a step further, Jester Joe and his wife have donated about 1% of their income to charity while Mitt Romney and his wife have donated about 16% of their income to charity. It would appear as if Joe does not value charity.

That is, of course, unless he is being charitable with someone else’s money. Joe loves spending on social programs to help the folks out but only so long as he is spending money that is not his own.

He really does not value helping others when it comes to his own money

Liberals love to spend everyone else’s money and Joe is no exception to the rule.

I also wonder what his daddy would have said about plagiarism but that is something to save for another day.

Remember this folks when you hear the Democrats call Romney a greedy rich guy…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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