Joe Biden hits The Road…

Vice President Joe Biden’s schedule says he is visiting a state in the North East. He is visiting “Road Island.” Looks like the folks doing his schedule are not familiar with the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations commonly referred to as Rhode Island. I guess there are no Rhodes Scholars on the staff…

I am wondering why Biden is heading to Rhode Island and I think I know the reason. An unidentified person in Rhode Island won the $336 MILLION Powerball jackpot last week and Biden is up there to help locate that winner.

The government will get about 50% of the jackpot in taxes (which is absolutely criminal) and Biden wants to help locate the winner so he can get his hands on the $168 MILLION that is due the government. Biden can take the check right back to the Treasury to help the failing Obama Economy.

Of course, at the rate the government blows money the check will be gone before Biden boards his plane for the return trip…

Then again, maybe he will send it to Moochelle Obama so she can extend her ski trip. The royals need lots of time on vacation and the peasants are out of money to pay for all those expensive trips.

Perhaps they just sent Biden away to keep him from making another gaffe.

Who knows?

When November comes we can send them all packing.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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24 Responses to “Joe Biden hits The Road…”

  1. Ferd Berfel says:

    Dang! I hope I can find him first! Baby needs new shoes! Or is it “shoos,” said thar spyder to to thar fly?

    If Biden when to Rhodesia, that would be bidder!

    People said Bush couldn’t pronounce “nuclear” correctly enough for them, hence he knows not of what he spoke. They never heard what the Japanese call it! They should know, having been bombed and then Tsunami-ied by Bakahatsuden/Bakahastudan several times in the last century.
    But they say it “funny” so they don’t know what they are talking about!

    Communication is more than words; it also requires the listener be able to comprehend the concept which are spoken of.
    Liberals, proof a liberal education does not prepare one to communicate.

  2. Adam says:

    Cheap shot. I guess Biden should have known better than to hire somebody prone to a typo? Yes, and I’ve heard Obama doesn’t know how many states we have.

    • Big Dog says:

      Cheap shot, really? Show me where I blamed Biden for this. Show me where I said it was his fault. Show me where it is a cheap shot.

      • Adam says:

        Somebody on the staff makes a typo and you attack Biden for gaffes and Michelle for…well, for what? Good question. Cheap shot, indeed.

        • Big Dog says:

          I see, you need reading comprehension skills.

          I mentioned that someone on the staff made the mistake and then discussed Biden going to RI to collect powerball taxes.

          Then, I said maybe they sent him to RI to keep him from making another gaffe. That would only imply I was referring to the spelling mistake (which was more likely an educational mistake) if Biden were not gaffe prone.

          Since he is a walking gaffe machine and it is election season, the statement follows. It is called comprehension.

          Moochelle because she mooches off the taxpayer. Show me please where the other wives had 16 vacations in the first 3 years.

          I bet you can’t.

          • Adam says:

            “I see, you need reading comprehension skills.”

            No, I just sometimes forget that if you see Biden’s name listed somewhere that’s an excuse to remind us he’s a gaffe machine…you know, like President Bush who you voted for twice.

            “Show me please where the other wives had 16 vacations in the first 3 years.”

            Almost correct. The Obama family combined has had 16 vacations in 3 years both short and long. Michelle has been on 15 of them, 10 of which were with the whole family, 5 of which were without President Obama.

            Now, since you’re counting trips the whole family took then surely you should judge Laura Bush by the same standard. How many times did she travel with her husband to Crawford? To Maine? Is it more or less than 15? What about Laura’s trip to Paris? To Panama? Africa? Let’s not pretend Michelle has done something unprecedented. The first family travels. It’s just part of the gig.

            • Big Dog says:

              Is it a vacation to go to your home or to Camp David? I would have no problem if Obama and his family went back to Chicago, you know his home. Don’t tell me that Obama’s home is Hawaii, he lived there as a child. He is a resident of Illinois and if he goes there it is his home, not a vacation, per say.

              You made the claim, you come up with the numbers. I would also like you to come up with the dollar figures.

              You like to say it is the same but you know it is not.

              Yes, Bush the “gaffe machine”. He knew there were 50 states and I bet Biden has more gaffes. You put this on me with Bush so I will turn it around. YOU blasted the “gaffe machine” Bush for 8 years and ignore the gaffes of Biden (and Obama). In fact, ALL the things you blasted Bush for you turn a blind eye to with regard to Obama (when he does the same thing).

              And I don’t need to remind you Biden is a gaffe machine. He does that himself.

  3. Adam says:

    And what’s up with calling Michelle “Moochelle” as if her actions as First Lady have been any different than other First Ladies? Who cares? You know the right is deranged when they focus their anger on the wife of the President as much as the President himself.

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      Eh? The Honorable Left never called Bush an idiot for saying nuclear with a Texas accent? The sensitive Left didn’t claim Palin’s family was suspiciously pregnancy challenged, and that Palin claimed she could “see Russia!” from her house after she ordered police to tasser her son-in-law?

      Oh, get off the holier-then-thou idiot-stool.

      Who cares? That we call her Moochelle? Obviously you do. Moron.

  4. Adam says:

    “Is it a vacation to go to your home or to Camp David?”

    No, generally Bush’s trips to there were not counted. His trips to his ranch in Texas and the compound in Maine do count though.

    “He is a resident of Illinois and if he goes there it is his home, not a vacation, per say.”

    Convenient then that you’d pick a choice that would exclude then the vast majority of Bush’s vacation time.

    “You made the claim, you come up with the numbers.”

    I seem to believe you called Michelle names first but you have no frame of reference for that clearly if you’re asking me to dig up information. This is just like the teleprompter garbage. We mocked Bush’s gaffes so much your side now has to mock Obama for not being a great off script as on script. Now you’ve derided Obama’s vacations from day one and this site has spread misinformation about the cost of those trips from time to time and it’s all because President Bush was on vacation at record levels that President Obama couldn’t touch if he had 5 terms in office.

    • Big Dog says:

      You can keep making that claim if you want to but it does not make it true. Obama has played more rounds of golf and has had more vacations (in the same amount of time).

      The cost of the vacations I reported were from the official press releases by pool reporters and those who keep track of such things.

      Just because you don’t like it or disagree with it does not make it misinformation.

      Trips to Crawford, a vacation? Even if you call them vacations show how there were more than Obama has taken in the same three year period.

      Yeah, Moochelle is thrifty and does not deserve the name.

      • Adam says:

        If you’re going to count every time President Obama or his family members have left Washington DC you have to count it for President Bush and Laura Bush as well.

        From August of last year:

        Obama’s upcoming vacation is his ninth vacation since taking office. Obama has spent all or part of 38 days on vacation away from the White House. He has also made 14 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 32 days, for a total of 70 days, Knoller said.

        Bush, at this point in his first term, had made 14 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 102 days, Knoller said. He also made 40 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 123 days. His vacation total at this point in his presidency was all or part of 225 days away.

        So where was Laura Bush in all this? She just stayed at the White House? No vacation time for her while her husband was off? No, she took vacations just like Michelle has both with her husband and without.

        Quoting the National Enquirer now to back up your deranged view of Michelle Obama? How nice. Next you’ll be telling us about Bat Boy and other crazy tales out of the Weekly World News.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Yeah, that national Enquirer. They were so wrong about John Edwards…

    Your link is the example of hypocrisy:
    White House press secretary Jay Carney doesn’t think the public begrudges the president a break to recharge and spend time with his family.

    Carney also argued that the president is never really off-duty since White House advisers go with him, and he still receives regular briefings on national security, the economy and other matters

    When Bush was in office Carney and others did begrudge him time off. Carney wrote an article about it and he bashed Bush for it.

    Like I said, going to your home is not a vacation. Bush took heads of state there instead of having them at the WH.

    Yes, Laura bush was on the ski slopes and on the Hawaiian beaches. And GW Bush played golf so much more than Obama.

    Then again, the economy was in much better shape (until Democrats took control of Congress).

    Yep, Laura Bush was such a mooch. No, but Moochelle is. presidents, as per Carney (at least Democrat presidents) don’t really go on vacation. Their spouses are not working when with them but it is a stretch to say that Laura bush spending time at her own house is a vacation. Show me where Moochelle lives on a ski resort or Hawaiian beach and I will concede.

    Like I said, if barry was working form his home in Chicago and his wife was at her own house it would not be a vacation.

  6. Big Dog says:



    And here


    The burning question is, when is it labeled an offical trip that is really disguising a vacation. If she goes to Spain and visits a head of state then spends 10 days on vacation then it is a vacation. It will be billed as an official visit. Same holds true for Obabam.

  7. Big Dog says:



    Are there no ski resorts in the East??

  8. Adam says:

    “Like I said, if barry was working form his home in Chicago and his wife was at her own house it would not be a vacation.”

    So what about Bush’s family trips to his parents’ compound in Maine? The Obama family vacations far less than the Bush’s. That’s a fact. You can try and redefine what is vacation to make Bush look better but you know you’re just breaking a sweat to avoid admitting your derangement against Michelle and the double standard against her that you at the same time rail against from Carney.

    • Big Dog says:

      Once again it is you sweating trying to make this about something it is not to deflect the real issue. Moochelle cost us 10 million dollars in solo vacay’s. We have already established that presidents do not really go on vacation, a point I made all those years you and the Cindy Sheehan’s of the world were condemning Bush for being on vacation. Now you have changed your position and admit that Bush was not really on vacation and was working wherever he was, the point you and Carney support in regard to Owebama. The issue was about first ladies and Moochelle is looked at as a diva.

      What double standard? Did LB cost us 10 million dollars in vacations when she was First Lady? The double standard is in your world where Bush was on vacation all the time and Obama is never on vacation because presidents are always working. You are deflecting by bringing presidents in the issue when it was about First Ladies. Nice try but not gonna work.

      Now go back to your room and start thinking about the excuses you will use when unemployment rises for February.

  9. Adam says:

    I’d love to see the article by Carney that you’re talking about. Calling him a hypocrite for stating the obvious about a president does not change the fact that Bush was away from the White House more days than JFK was President. Obama takes a break to play golf and other sports around the White House? So what? Maybe President Obama should just buy a ranch in Crawford so he can cost the tax payers millions flying there dozens of times a year. I bet you’d stop complaining about golf games then.

    Sometimes I hope Obama loses the White House just so I don’t have to watch your right wing heads explode this November. You’ve made derangement an art form again extending your bitterness and your anger to the whole Obama family the way your side did the Clinton family.

    • Big Dog says:

      It is obvious you are reaching. Kennedy was killed in office so that is a failed comparison. But let me play your game for fun. Obama took more vacation days in his first year more days than William Henry Harrison was president.

      Spent more days away? Looks like another red herring. Obama spent lots of days away, they all do when they visit other countries. If we counted vacation days where there was one or two days of official business Obama would have a lot more days.

      And quit trying to change the subject. The issue is Moochelle, not the presidents. As you say, the obvious is they are never really on vacation but when Bush was on his vacations you and Carney and the other libs went nuts. Obama does not have to buy a house in Crawford. He has one in Chicago even if he did not pay for it.

      Attacking the whole family? I never said anything about the kids, they are kids. Moochelle has injected herself into our lives so she is fair game. She wants to tell us how to eat and what to do. She and hubby say we all need to sacrifice and then she goes on vacation after vacation, sorry but that is something to address. Clinton family, same thing. Hillary injected herself in the issues so she gets attacked. If you don’t like it tell them to shut up and quit involving themselves in our lives. I do not need them to tell me how I should live.

      The golf games? It was Michael Moore and the rest of you liberal idiots who complained about Bush playing golf. Obama has spend two full months on the golf course in 3 years. Much more than Bush did in 8.

      Carney discussing Bush vacations and appearances. Much different than how he portrays it now. In fact, I wrote about it then.

      • Adam says:

        “It is obvious you are reaching. Kennedy was killed in office so that is a failed comparison.”

        You’re right. I spoke incorrectly. Kennedy was in office 1036 days and Bush was on vacation 1020 days. So, I guess the comparison is failed.

        “If we counted vacation days where there was one or two days of official business Obama would have a lot more days.”

        Wrong. Bush far exceeds Obama in vacations no matter how you try and define it.

        “She and hubby say we all need to sacrifice and then she goes on vacation after vacation, sorry but that is something to address.”

        Where did she say no vacations? What did she say about sacrifice?

        “The issue is Moochelle, not the presidents.”

        Right. My point? Five of her 15 vacations have been without Obama. Those have been no less expensive than trips Laura Bush took as first lady. The vacations the Obama’s have taken as a family have been no more of a burden on the tax payers than Bush’s continuous trips to Crawford and Maine and back.

        “Moochelle has injected herself into our lives so she is fair game.”

        Your inability even to use the President or Michelle’s name correctly just shows how useless facts are up against your derangement. Name calling the president is one thing. Name calling his wife? Sad.

        “Carney discussing Bush vacations and appearances. Much different than how he portrays it now.”

        Really? That’s your big Carney article? Carney pointing out Bush’s vacation was doubling as a photo op? It was, right? So therefore that means Carney thinks President Bush should not have gone on any vacation and now in support of Obama vacations he’s a hypocrite? Really? You should win a gold medal at the Olympics for that giant leap.

        • Big Dog says:

          Her vacations alone last year cost the taxpayer 10 million dollars. As far as vacations go, many years back when you and the Kos kids were crying about all of Bush’s vacation time I was saying that presidents were never on vacation and it mattered not where he was actually located. Now you are making that argument. I was able to get you to finally admit that you suffered BDS.

          I have no respect for either of them. Since his office is respected I owe no allegiance or respect to him. She is not in office. I owe her nothing. She shows little respect for me or the rest of us in the country and I have none for her.

          And yes, Carney was saying that Bush took lots of vacations and his people were trying to make it look more official. The implication is that no matter how they sugarcoat it, he was still on vacation. Now he sings a different song.

          Yes, I would win an Olympic medal for the leap. You would win one in gymnastics for your ability to contort and bend in all directions to defend all things Obama, to deny your BDS and to deny that you now praise Obama for what you criticized Bush. And yes, you would win the floor exercise for the way you danced around Bush’s vacations but now admit to what I said back then.

          Led you right in.

          • Adam says:

            “…I was saying that presidents were never on vacation…”

            And I generally agreed with you though my argument was more about the number of these non-vacation vacations and not that I thought every day Bush was taking it completely easy. Bush spent roughly 3rd of his time in office on vacation. Obama would need to take the rest of this year off completely to catch up.

            But it’s image for Michelle that is the problem and it’s driven by your side’s obsession with her. The total taxpayer cost of Michelle’s two overseas trips with her daughters doesn’t even add up to $1 million.

            You claim you don’t begrudge the family travels but the $10 million you’re throwing around would cost just about the same whether Obama and his family had flown to Hawaii, or Texas, or Maine. All presidents travel and their families go with them. It costs money.

            “I have no respect for either of them.”


          • Adam says:

            “The implication is that no matter how they sugarcoat it, he was still on vacation. Now he sings a different song.”

            No, I don’t get that from the article. I read it a couple of times just to make sure. The article is talking about the fact that given how much vacation Bush has taken they are trying to spin it as a working vacation. The man vacationed a lot. If Carney was somehow sugarcoating Obama’s excessive vacations then that would make him a hypocrite but Obama has hardly vacationed at all compared to President Bush.

          • Adam says:

            “…to deny your BDS and to deny that you now praise Obama for what you criticized Bush.”

            What have I praised Obama for that I criticized Bush for?