Jimmy Carter is a Terrorist Loving Anti-Semite

Former President Jimmy Carter is up to his old terrorist appeasing ways as he defends his terrorist buddies in Hamas and it is no surprise that he is blaming the US, the EU and Israel for the woes in Palestine. Carter maintains that the US cut off money after the fair and honest elections put Hamas in power because this is not the government the US wanted in place. What Jimmy fails to understand is that Hamas is a terror organization and if the Palestinians want them in power that is fine but it does not mean we should be providing them with money.

I personally don’t care if Fatah and Hamas kill each other off. In the overall scheme of things Fatah has at least vowed to pursue peace with Israel but that is usually a hollow promise that ends up with rockets landing in Israel. It seems to me that Palestine is always willing to talk peace until they get what they want and then they go about business as usual. True to form, Carter defends the greater of the two evils in Hamas, a group that is designated as a terrorist organization and that has refused to denounce terror.

I expect the Muslims to go around killing each other and threatening Israel. That is basically their entire existence and they generally follow this pattern of behavior. If Fatah is really willing to pursue peace and can get along with Israel then so much the better but I would not be sending any money there until that was taken care of. As far as Hamas goes, I would never send them money and would be happy to see them all die a terrible fiery death.

I guess I should be surprised that a former US President would side with terrorists over his own country but in the case of Carter, it is no surprise. He is an anti-Semite and he favors terrorists over the Jews in Israel. He was their friend when he was in the White House and he continues this friendship today. Unfortunately, Carter is not unlike many in the Democratic Party who shun Israel (except during elections when they court the Jewish vote) and favor terrorist organizations.

Note to Carter; We are not obligated to spend taxpayer money in any other country and it is not our obligation to make things right there. Carter is one of the idiots who believes we can not establish peace in Iraq but believes we can do so in Palestine.

How about we just let them work it all out and then let Israel kill contend with the winner of the fight?

Jerusalem Post

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4 Responses to “Jimmy Carter is a Terrorist Loving Anti-Semite”

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  3. Patsy says:

    BD, your observations and opinions of Jimmy Carter are spot-on accurate, as usual. He sure did a great job of hiding who he really was from the American electorate, didn’t he? Watergate or no Watergate, Gerald Ford presidential pardon or no, had the American voters known back then what we know about Jimmy Carter now, he wouldn’t have been able elected dog-catcher (sorry Big Dog, no disrespect intended), let alone President of the United States, or Governor of Georgia, for that matter.

    I’m with you regarding Fatah. Aren’t they the successors to Arafat? The Palestinians are all bloodthirsty savages, incapable of peaceful coexistence with any civilized neighbors, no matter who they are. The United States shouldn’t be giving any support to either side. I say: no American funds to Palestinians, period — end of story.

  4. bj1boo says:

    Im with you guys… Carter has no place in our politics now..He wasnt much when he was our leader and hes slid all the way to the bottom now.
    As far as Hamas and Fatah goes, Im all for them eradicating each other completely. bj1