Jimmy Carter Gave US This

In 1980 Jimmy Carter, the country’s worst President, decided upon a rescue attempt to free the hostages being held by Iran. Yes, Iran was an international terrorist way back then and their government is now headed by the terrorist who held all those Americans hostage. Carter signed off on a plan so ill-conceived that Cyrus Vance resigned because he could not sign off on it. A couple of days later the rescue attempt failed when helicopters crashed in a desert sandstorm killing service members. Now we were double disgraced by Carter who had the hostages taken on his watch and then had the rescue attempt fail on his watch.

What did that failure of 26 years ago do for us? It emboldened Iran and allows them to use the incident to taunt America and embolden its people by lulling them into a false sense of superiority. They think that because the US embarrassed itself so long ago that the same would happen again. Perhaps if we had a military that was not gutted by the Democrats we could have sent special forces in to rescue the hostages. Then we could have lobbed missiles into Iran as punishment for their indiscretions. You can bet that if we had done that they would probably be singing a different tune today.

Here is the tune they are singing instead:

“If America chooses the military option a humiliating defeat worse than their failure in the Tabas desert will await them”
“Bringing up the issue of military option, threatening Iran with it … contradicts the charter of the United Nations and other international regulations,” Najjar said.

Interestingly, they bring up the UN. They have not followed the rules of the IAEA, have enriched Uranium in secret and are threatening to take action if the UN sanctions them for their acts. I guess UN rules apply to everyone but them? In any event, if Iran thinks it will disgrace us they are mistaken. We could lob Tomahawk Missiles into their infrastructure and never set foot in their country. We could obliterate them and never go there. Our sole desire would be to take out the nuclear facilities and once they were down we would be done. We could hit those items hourly around the clock for a very long time.

Iran is trying to provoke people and they will not like the results if they keep it up. The radical Islamic Terrorists are going to be in bad shape if they continue on this path to destruction.

Source: Washington Post

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