Jesse Ventura Is A Lowlife

That should probably be a given since he was a fake wrestler and then a politician. Yes, he served in the military and implied he was a Navy Seal but his service was long ago and somewhere along the way he forgot what honor is.

Ventura sued Navy Seal Chris Kyle over a passage in his book where he indicated he had knocked out a celebrity who he later identified as Ventura. Kyle was shot and killed so the suit transferred to his estate and today a jury reached a verdict awarding Ventura (real name James George Janos) 1.8 million dollars.

The verdict awards $500,000 for defamation and 1.3 million for unjust enrichment.

How did the jury determine, or better yet, how did Ventura prove that Kyle lied about the encounter? The passage in the book indicates Kyle knocked Ventura out for talking badly about the military and in court Ventura claimed that Kyle lied. Maybe he did but how did he prove it? Without a third party to corroborate the events it is just a he said he said issue and one of the people involved is not alive to defend his position.

The other thing is, how did Ventura merit 1.3 million because of unjust enrichment? It is highly doubtful that Kyle’s book sold because of the passage about Ventura.

While all of this is stunning it is even more disgusting that Ventura would sue in the first place and then continue the suit when Kyle died.

Ventura is a lowlife. It seems to me that perhaps Kyle told the truth and the guy who faked beating people up for a living did not like it.

Kyle died way too young and if there is justice in the world the verdict will be appealed and stalled for so long that Ventura joins him before he ever sees one cent of the award.

Ventura has written several books so perhaps he wrote something that he could be sued for.

Then again, someone would have to read the books to determine that so his money is probably safe.

Cave canem!
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One Response to “Jesse Ventura Is A Lowlife”

  1. Blake says:

    Jesse is and has been a fake- how he got through BUDS is beyond me- perhaps he bestowed some sexual favors on his instructor- that’s the only way I can think he did it.
    Of course, that probably set his path on the fake wrestling gig, hugging sweaty, male bodies for a living-