Jesse Jr. Wants Impeachment

It isn’t bad enough that Jesse “Pimp Daddy” Jackson Sr. is a race baiting poverty pimp who shows up at every alleged act of racism and who has questionable dealings (read potentially illegal) but to have his son, a US Congressman, berate the President for granting clemency to Scooter Libby is just too much to bear. This half wit actually wants Bush impeached because the President exercised his Constitutional authority to grant clemency. Jackson Jr. said that it was time to impeach for crimes against the Constitution, with the clemency supposedly being the final straw.

I guess Jackson skipped law school the day they discussed this part of the Constitution. Article II, Section 2 clearly states:

…and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

How on Earth is this a crime against the Constitution? The President exercised his Constitutional authority in this matter and the Legislative Branch has no say in it. For a junior race baiter to chime in with such an absurd suggestion is beyond the pale. Jackson Jr. feels that it was improper for Bush to do this and he is entitled to that opinion. There are many who disagree though one would be hard pressed to find a Democrat who is not incensed based purely upon partisan politics. Every one of these jackasses gave Clinton a pass on lying to the Grand Jury and now they want Libby to hang for being convicted of the very same thing.

I guess I can understand the ones who are running for President or people like Pelosi who is trying to take the focus of the dismal job she and her majority are doing. But a guy like Jackson, who only has a seat because of daddy (probably extorted people so sonny would get elected) should keep in mind what an impeachable offense is. All he needs now is for pimp daddy to show up as the rhyming crusader and the circus tent will be full.

Everything with the dumb ass party is about impeachment. They just can not let go of the fact that Clinton was impeached (though unsuccessfully). They want revenge. Maybe they should spend more time governing and less time playing partisan games.

But then they wouldn’t be Democrats, would they?

Big Dog

CBS2 Chicago

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2 Responses to “Jesse Jr. Wants Impeachment”

  1. How dare the President use the powers granted to him! heh

  2. Virginia says:

    I have always known jackson was a racist pig. It is not a bit of telling what more BS the Dems will come up with before Nov 08. Wish there was some way to send them all to Iraq for a couple of years with a water pistol and some of Rosie’s pork, if they make it back, bet they would be pale for years to come. I have no use for them people. They make me want to wring their necks.