Jesse Jackson Uses Racist Language – Again

Jesse Jackson, the race baiting poverty pimp, accused Barack Obama of acting like he is white. Of course, as is always the case with this nimrod or Al Sharpton, Jackson claims not to remember saying that. I imagine if a white person, let’s call him Don Imus, was on the radio and said “you know, that Bill Clinton, he acted like a black person.” there would be cries all over as to what that meant. Are blacks somehow bad? Is it a bad thing to be acting black? How dare Imus, fire him.

Jackson gets away with this kind of crap all the time and he has taken B. Hussein Obama to task because of Jena LA where 6 black kids are in big trouble for beating the hell out of a white kid who had the audacity to hang a noose from a tree. The student was punished for hanging the noose and the black kids beat the hell out of him and now they face a long time in jail. Jackson, and other idiots like to equate the two offenses. All that white kid got was a suspension but those black kids might go to jail. Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, the white kid did not hang the black kid from the noose. If he had, then he would be in big trouble. If the black kids had not assaulted him, they would not be in trouble. This has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

Now, I happen to believe that it is a person’s right to hang a noose. If the school had a rule about that it is one thing but barring that rule, it is a person’s right to hang a noose. It is not a hate crime, it is freedom of speech. If a group of people, of any color, want to burn an American Flag, that act is considered protected speech, unless of course they burn someone else’s Flag or burn it where you are not allowed to burn things. If either of these two acts is some kind of hate crime it is burning the American Flag.

As for this kid and his noose, it is obvious that he was no threat to the black kids because they beat the hell out of him. Maybe we need some celebrities there to help everyone get along. We could send Eminem. No, he acts black. How about Kevin Federline? No, he acts black too. Just what is acting black Big Dog?

I don’t know, but according to Jesse Jackson it is the opposite of what Obama is doing because he acts white. Maybe Jesse means he acts white because he is married and has children, has stayed in his relationship, takes care of his kids, and has a well paying job, no arrest record and has not fathered children out of wedlock.

I don’t know but that might be something to look into. As for Jackson, I don’t want him to act black or white. I want him to act gold and be silent.

The State

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Jesse Jackson Uses Racist Language – Again”

  1. Brian Gorham says:

    To: Julian Bond, President, NAACP

    From: A very concerned fellow american

    Dear Sir-

    Thank you in advance for your tireless efforts at promoting equality and unity not only in the black community but across our country and beyond. Your energy is much to be admired.

    I was curious as to your stance on Jesse Jackson’s supposed comments today that Mr. Obama is “acting like he is white”. For every ounce of Jesse Jacksons goodness and well meaning this is certainly not language we should support as a community. We have buried the N word and maybe now it is time we bury the racial comparisons as well, no matter which direction the comment is aimed at.

    I implore you to denounce the use of such language from Blacks, Whites etc. Jesse Jackson intentionally used the race card with the implication that being white would somehow be understood by fellow black Americans as an insult to Mr. Obama. I certainly understand the context and am very disappointed that Mr. Jackson chose the lesser of two paths. Should white Americans file suit for violation of there civil rights as is often Mr. Jacksons course of action when involved with conflicted black Americans?


    Brian J Gorham


  2. doublestandard says:

    There is a double standard when it comes to race. I hear it all the time at work and other cirles. Jackson should be hammered just like Imus and others. What he did was wrong, and doulbe wrong because several months eariler he is trying to eliminate the N word. His actions were racist, plain and simple. If McCain said that he would be hung.

  3. Kevin says:

    Good ol Jesse Jackson stirring up trouble again. Being a political American is neither a white or black thing, its the American thing to do.

    Kevins last blog post..Kevin Federline Insider Interview About Britney Spears Divorce