Jena 6 Held Up As Victims Because of Race

There is no doubt that racism still exists in this country just as it does all around the world. It is important to note that the racism comes in all colors and there are black racists who do bad things to whites just as there are the other way around. We just do not hear about injustice against whites any where near as much as we hear about it against blacks because whites do not have their version of Jackson and Sharpton nor do they have the NAAWP marching in protest.

In Jena Louisiana there have been racial tensions at school and those tensions culminated in six black kids beating a white kid unconscious. This all started when black kids sat under a tree where white kids normally hang out (I know, you can’t make this stuff up). The next day there were three nooses hanging from the tree and the school suspended three white kids. There were no charges because there is no law that says they cannot hang nooses from trees. The school might have viewed it as a problem but the law sort of likes to allow people to exercise their right to free speech (which has been expanded to expression as in burning the Flag). Tensions ran high and there were several fights at this school between white kids and black kids. There are no reports that any of these fights resulted in serious injuries or horrific beatings. Nor are there any indications that any of the students, of any color, were suspended because of the fights.

The Jena 6 as they are known, beat a white kid in December and they beat him until he lost consciousness. Five of these six kids were arrested and charged as adults with attempted murder. The charges were reduced for four of them and the sixth was booked on charges as a juvenile and that is a sealed record. This leaves us with Mychal Bell, the kid all the ruckus is about. Bell was charged as an adult and he could have received 15 years in jail but his conviction was thrown out because the court ruled he should have been tried as a juvenile because he was 16 years old when he savagely beat his victim.

Bells’ request to be freed while awaiting his appeals review was denied and this is why everyone was in LA marching and protesting. These folks, led by the race baiting poverty pimps, believe that justice is different for blacks and whites. They believe that Bell was arrested and received a high bail because he is black and that no white kids involved in any of the fights have been arrested. I will remind the reader that there is no indication that any kid, regardless of color, was arrested prior to the incident involving Bell. There is also no indication that any fight led to a beating as sever as the one in this case.

The only thing that I will agree with in this case is that the people involved should have been tried as juveniles. I still have doubts that this would have appeased anyone, especially the groups that use race to excuse criminal behavior. If Bell had been charged as a juvenile and received 3 years in a juvenile detention center the same people would have been chanting “What do we Want? Justice. When do we want it? Now!” in the streets because this poor kid received a punishment that a white kid did not get. I must remind the reader, once again, no kid of any color committed a crime this serious.

So what do we have? A kid who has had a conviction overturned because he should have been tried as a juvenile, a decision that I do not disagree with. They could charge him with attempted murder or assault or whatever they want as a juvenile. He could have been convicted as a juvenile and he could have gone to jail as a juvenile, all of which would have sparked the same kinds of protests.

We are also at the point where the protesters want him released pending his appeal hearing. He can be released at any time. He is not being held without bail, he is being held on $90,000 bail. That might seem excessive (considering OJ’s was only $35,000 more than that) but the judge took into account the kid’s CRIMINAL RECORD which includes, dare I say it, arrests for battery and damage to property. How many is not mentioned but the plural of arrest indicates more than one. I do not see how this kid is not getting justice when the appeal process worked and his conviction was overturned and he can get out as soon as he posts bail. The protesters and their race baiting leaders want this kid released as if nothing ever happened. The judge has set a bail and all they have to do is meet that bond. If the kid goes to court they will get their money back. They only forfeit it if he fails to show.

I know, there are those among us who see this as a problem and that these poor folks cannot come up with $9000 (the amount needed to hire a bondsman which is lost no matter what) or the entire amount which will be returned if he appears. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as well as the NAACP all have $90,000 that they can put up to get this kid out of jail, if getting him out is truly their goal. Instead of marching around inciting even more hatred in this already divided community, one of these guys could have said; “I will put up his bail and get him freed until this can all work out in the court system.” Instead, this incident was used to get more face time for the race baiters and to distort the reality of the situation.

Everyday people get arrested for crimes they supposedly committed and everyday bail is set and those people are unable to raise the money so they sit in jail until their trial. If the race baiters do not want to put up the bond and if the judge does not want to reduce it then the kid can sit in jail until he goes to trial. It is no different than for many other people who get arrested.

Why did this get so much attention? Because someone made race an issue in a crime. Every time there is a racial component the race baiters come out in full force to talk about how racist America is. The MSM goes to great length to report every detail of any crime that involves whites doing something bad to blacks and nearly all these things are investigated as “hate crimes” (one of the dumbest things ever devised). When blacks commit horrific crimes against whites they are hardly covered and there is not hate crime investigation regardless of the brutality of the crime. Those distinctions are reserved for a small class of people who has convinced itself that everything wrong in their race is because of racism.

Mychal Bell committed a crime and regardless of what color he is he has to be held into account for that crime. As for these other alleged incidents, show me evidence where a black kid was beaten unconscious by a bunch of white kids and that nothing was done. Then I will discuss the racial component. Until then, a kid with multiple arrests is being held on bond. When he pays it, he can get out of jail.

It is obvious that this kid is not so sugary sweet and wonderful based on his record. Dr. King said judge based on the content of character not the color of the skin. Take away this kid’s color and he got what anyone who has multiple arrests would get for beating a person unconscious. I think he should have been tried in juvenile court but I doubt his color was what determined that and it was turned over on appeal which is how the system is suppose to work when something was wrong in the legal process.

If they really want Bell out, all they have to do is put up his bond. Then again, that does not give them as much sensational press as protesting in the streets.

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7 Responses to “Jena 6 Held Up As Victims Because of Race”

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  2. Billy Joe says:

    You said:

    “The only thing that I will agree with in this case is that the people involved should have been tried as juveniles. I still have doubts that this would have appeased anyone, especially the groups that use race to excuse criminal behavior. If Bell had been charged as a juvenile and received 3 years in a juvenile detention center the same people would have been chanting “What do we Want? Justice. When do we want it? Now!” in the streets because this poor kid received a punishment that a white kid did not get. I must remind the reader, once again, no kid of any color committed a crime this serious.”

    You have no basis for your ‘prediction’ above and in fact, there appears to have been a white person who pulled a gun on 3 blacks prior to the Bell fight. The 3 blacks wrested the gun away from the white guy and ran off. The white guy, amazingly, wasn’t charged with anything and the 3 blacks were charged with ‘aggravated battery’ for taking his guy away.

    Drawing a gun on someone is pretty serious so your statement above about no one committing a crime as serious as knocking someone unconscious at school (the kid was released from the hospital without any serious injuries the same day) is kind of wrong, isn’t it?

    You can read about this & other incidents here:,0,2467800.story

    I’m including a couple of choice paragraphs from the article here:

    “Finally, on Dec. 4, a group of black students at the high school allegedly jumped a white student on his way out of the gym, knocked him unconscious and kicked him after he hit the floor. The victim — allegedly targeted because he was a friend of the students who hung the nooses and had been taunting blacks — was not seriously injured and spent only a few hours in the hospital.

    But the LaSalle Parish district attorney, Reed Walters, opted to charge six black students with attempted second-degree murder and other offenses, for which they could face a maximum of 100 years in prison if convicted. All six were expelled from school.

    To the defendants, their families and civil rights groups that have examined the events, the attempted murder charges brought by a white prosecutor are excessive and part of a pattern of uneven justice in the town.

    The critics note, for example, that the white youth who beat the black student at the party was charged only with simple battery, while the white man who pulled the shotgun at the convenience store wasn’t charged with any crime at all. But the three black youths in that incident were arrested and accused of aggravated battery and theft after they wrestled the weapon from the man — in self-defense, they said.”

  3. irtexas44 says:


    As long as the 2 biggest race baiters on the planet are out there stirring up the pots this kind of thing will always happen. This is how they can keep ripping off money from people who think that they are on their side. These 2 could care less about anyone but themselves. I am not sure about why it was ok for 6 black young men to beat senseless one young white man. I use the word man and men because they are.

    They keep saying that the young white man went to his prom that night. Is there a reason that he shouldn’t have? Should he have let everyone think he was scared? I’m sure he wasn’t able to dance the night away. He had been beaten unconscious and had a concussion plus all of the damage to his face and body. So if he was able to show up for his senior prom why not. I’m sure he didn’t ride out the whole night.

    If the one young man with a rap sheet is still in jail there must be a reason. If it’s just the 10% for the bail money why aren’t good old Sharpnot and Jessajerk putting it up? I guess they don’t believe in putting their money where their big mouths are. How come all of these people that are so upset about this are just as up set about Jessajerk saying that Oslama is to white?

  4. Big Dog says:

    The words “I doubt” indicate an opinion on my part. That means it is my supposition, my OPINION that this would have taken place.

    The story does not say why the shotgun was pulled. Was it just a guy deciding to pull the gun or did he pull it out of fear? Was he threatened? These are the unanswered questions.

    The incident at the party, what are the particulars. Was the kid attacked and defended himself? It says he beat up a guy for showing up at a party and if this is correct the police (if they were called) should have made an arrest.

    This does not negate the bad behavior of the one guy who was charged. All the other bad behavior does not excuse the behavior he was arrested for. I have seen a lot of people involved in fights and the police make arrests when the beating is bad, as in when a person is beaten unconscious.

    I can not answer about the other cases because they have not been publicized like the Bell case. Regardless of what happened, he should be held accountable for his action, albeit in juvenile court.

  5. Vontress says:

    BD et. al;
    I’m a black man and I have to say that some valid points and have been made on both side of this argument, but isn’t it time that we all figured out that you can’t judge situations like this based on media reports. Unless any of you have done some primary research on the facts of this case, you’re just making judgments on hear say and rumor and that’s a recipe for turning out looking like an idiot. I am willing to suspend judgement until I can get some relible info. We all should know by now that whether you’re on the right, left, conservative, liberal, black or white, the quicky news reports are just out to sell advertisements and their initial reports are about as reliable as a eye witness account by a nearsighted wino.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Very good point Vontress. It appears that those who marched got all their info from the news as well.

    I think race is the least of the worries in this case. The kid, Bell has a record for violent crimes. If he were squeaky clean I imagine he would be out like the others.

  7. DR. FESTLER MN says:

    This comment was removed. It contained racist remarks and is not appropriate.