Jena 6 Angel Arrested for Assault

Remember the Jena 6 kids? They were six black kids in Louisiana who beat the hell out of a white kid and then they were arrested. Some of them were charged as adults and could have spent a lot of time in jail. The race baiters showed up there with an organized protest and that idiot Mellencamp wrote a song about racism in Jena. As it turns out, the kids had prior records and some of them got in trouble again after they were released. Not much was made of it because the race baiters had already gotten the bang for their buck just as they did in the Duke Lacrosse NON rape case.

Looks like one of those little Jena 6 angels has gotten himself in trouble again. Bryant Purvis was one of the angels and his family relocated to Texas from Louisiana. Purvis was arrested for assaulting a student at school. Purvis choked the kid and slammed his head into a table. He was arrested and released on bail.

I imagine that the race baiters will have to organize and head to Texas. I mean, if this kid was arrested it must be because of the racism there. It could not possibly be that this kid is a thug and he will be a thug no matter where he goes. Not only is he a thug, he is a violent thug who would not have committed this crime if he had still been in jail where he belonged.

A thug is a thug regardless of color. I wonder if the race baiters ever thought about going on TV and saying they were wrong and that the kid is violent and belongs in jail.

Of course not, that would not help them to keep their fellow blacks downtrodden so they can continue to make money talking about it.


Big Dog

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One Response to “Jena 6 Angel Arrested for Assault”

  1. Angel says:

    Dang Dog..I hate to be….read my old post bout this..I never got behind them from jump street..a dogs a dog no matter what color…um..No offense sweet Big Dog!..ha :)