Jay Bennish, America Bashing Teacher, Reinstated

Jay Bennish, the Communist geography teacher who went on a rant blaming America for the world’s ills and comparing President Bush to Hitler, was reinstated today. It would appear that children are not only no longer required to learn geography in geography class, but they are also required to listen to the rantings of a lunatic who subjects them to liberal rants.

Jay BennishI have no problem with this guys opinions. Well, I have a problem with his opinions because they are wrong but I have no problem with him expressing those wrong opinions. I have a problem with where he decided to express them. His job as a geography teacher is to teach that subject. He is in a school and he has influence on children. He should not be filling their heads with liberal prattle that has nothing to do with geography. Did I mention this guy is a geography teacher.

At the heart of this is the threat of a lawsuit by none other than the ACLU, America’s enemy. The school system caved over fear that they would be involved in a lawsuit. How spineless is that? They basically caved out of fear. The ACLU is a communist organization and they are good at using fear as a tactic to gain compliance. I wonder what kind of problems the student who taped him will have.

If I were a student in this school I would have cleaned his clock debating the issues the first day he opened his mouth. Since that really did not happen the students need to make up their minds if they want to be in his class. They can request to be transferred to another teacher’s class. They can certainly threaten a lawsuit if the school refuses. They are basically being forced into a hostile situation that is not conducive to learning. Parents should keep this in mind when the school asks them to sell things for fund raisers or to donate to the school. They should refrain from supporting a school that has no backbone.

I think that there was some reference to equal time. How about if the student requests someone with opposing views to speak? Maybe Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. I would pay to see one of those two debate this dim witted twit.

When I heard this guy he reminded me of one of those grape NeHi drinking dope smoking hippies with his long hair parted in the middle from the sixties. From his picture above, I was not far off. This fine specimen is responsible for teaching our kids. Makes you feel great does it not? More people will probably opt to home school after seeing and hearing this idiot.

Source: Fox News Picture from the Fox web site.

As always, your comments are welcome. Join in and tell me what you think.

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7 Responses to “Jay Bennish, America Bashing Teacher, Reinstated”

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  2. Laurie says:

    You always say it so good, I don’t have anything to add.

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  6. Big Dog says:

    You are way to kind….

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