Jackass Of The Month

Surfside had a great idea the other day. She suggested that we replace the picture on the left (the picture of the Dog taking care of “bidniz” on a jackass) with a new picture of a more recent jackass. I think that is a great idea. On the Left (how appropriate) is a picture of this month’s Jackass, Dick Durban. He is getting what he deserves.

I am going to try to put the pictures of the past jerks in a photo gallery so they can be visited from time to time. We might even have a poll (Adam will like that) to decide who is Jackass of the year. Right now, Michael Crook is the Paws on winner for that dishonor. He will be the first in the photo gallery.

Be sure to submit entries for Jackass of the month. If the person has been a real dip stick we can put him up immediately. Since I run things we can just change it to Jackass of the hour/day/week/ whatever…..

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