Jack Idema And His Men Need Our Help

Jack Idema is an American Hero! He has been on guard for this country for many, many years. Unfortunately, this country has forgotten about him and the great work he has done to keep us safe and free. Why, one might ask, would he be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper? Perhaps it is because he was effective, maybe even too effective. Jack was hunting down AND FINDING the bad guys. He was on top of intelligence before the so called intelligence agencies. Jack warned this government about attacks, stopped attacks before they came to pass, and provided valuable intelligence to the various agencies. Jack was doing the work that supposed “real” agents like Valerie Plame were supposed to be doing.

We have had this witch hunt for people who exposed Plame all the while ignoring the fact that Jack Idema was betrayed by the FBI and the State Department. The FBI is complicit in the unlawful detainment of this Patriot and they are lying to cover their tracks. There is ample evidence that Jack worked in concert with the FBI and was provided materials by them. Why then, do they claim he was not working with them? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the successes of Jack and his team point out the woeful inadequacy of career government employees who ride the gravy train while Jack and his men are getting shot at!

It is time for America to get its head out of its rectal cavity and recognize the hard work that Jack and his team have done. It is time to get outraged at the way the FBI has treated this team and the brutality to which the FBI has subjected them. Why is it that when the FBI is investigating protesters we hear about violations of civil rights? Why is it that when the FBI wants to look at someone’s library use patterns people become outraged at the violation of their civil rights? Why is it that when the FBI investigates Eco-terrorists environmental groups become unhinged but when a real American Patriot ACTUALLY HAS HIS CIVIL RIGHTS DENIED AT THE HANDS OF THE FBI, no one seems to care?

Cao has written an extensive post on this very subject and it would do you well to read the evidence*(The post was reprinted, with permission, from SuperPatriots.us). Jack has been framed by the FBI and the hard work and progress, gained at the cost of American and Afghani blood, is deteriorating. We, as a country, need to have an investigation into the people who are involved in this crime and the cover up. This includes the lemmings in the media who reported half truths and full blown lies to sell papers.

But before we investigate, we need the US government to get off its six and bring Jack and his men home where they belong.

Plan of attack: Contact your Congressional representatives and demand that they get involved and get these people home where they belong. In addition, start holding the media accountable by refusing to buy newspapers and by tuning out their newscasts.

Individually we are powerless but when we unite as a team we will be an unstoppable force that MUST be reckoned with and we will achieve our goals of freedom for Jack and his men and accountability of those involved in this crime. Our Special Operations Folks have ALWAYS been there for us. Now it is our turn to return the favor.


Big Dog
“Not as lean but just as mean and still bleeding Army Green.”

* Edited to include source of information

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4 Responses to “Jack Idema And His Men Need Our Help”

  1. Cao says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, of course. They’ve been dealt–worse than the short end of the stick. I can’t believe it’s AMERICA that’s responsible for what these men have gone through. I can’t believe it’s OUR UNITED STATES who are forcing them to stay at that place with the Taliban and Al Qaeda waiting and plotting their murders. It’s high time we started writing everyone we can think of to get them RELEASED.

  2. Dave Simmons says:

    I completely agree with you Big Dog. But I say we don’t bring them home, we turn them loose again. Did you see the bombings in Kabul yesterday? This is exactly what Idema was stopping BEFORE they happened. I saw someone wearing an “FBI” jacket at the bomb scene in Kabul on the news. Hey, exactly what I would expect, the Freaking Bunch of Idiots show up AFTER the crime to investigate because they are too stupid and scared to hit the terrorists BEFORE the bombs go off.

    And as for bombs that kill women and children and civilians, let the terrorists be tortured if that is what it takes to save one single life. We have forgotten 9/11 and watching our fellow Americans dive out windows to their death to escape the flames of terror. So how much more do we take before we really do what our President promised? Aren’t we supposed to be KILLING the terrorists BEFORE they kill us?

  3. Wild Thing says:

    Excellent Big Dog I agree with you. What has
    happened to our America, or has it always been
    like this and we did not know it.
    I love America so much and our troops and those
    like Jack need our support always and faithful
    never wavering, not even a little bit.
    My freedom cost more then can ever be repaid.

  4. Bin Laden, the Taliban and Al Qaeda HATE this Man

    Yes, not only do Bin Laden, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda hate anyone that is NON-Muslim but they have a special hate for Jack Idema. Because he is good at what he has been trained to do!