George W Bush should be re-elected to the Presidency of the United States with at least 269 electoral votes and more than 51% of the popular vote. It is hard to imagine John Kerry could change this outcome. There are several states in which the President is leading so it is a matter of time before he goes over 270. The 269 is good enough for the win because any tie will be broken by the House which is controlled by the Republicans. Now is the time for celebration. Later today I will have a complete wrap-up and some words for those who insisted on running around with their “selected not elected” slogans for the last four years. This is a convincing win and is amazing when you consider Bush had to run against Kerry, the MSM, and the 527’s. He kept it upbeat and won.

Later I will also have some comforting words for Michael Moore and his lunatic followers. Moore had an interesting article last night that all but buried Bush. Well, later today I will address his issues and report if he has jumped out of a window or something.

But for now, let us bask in the victory that comes from an electorate dedicated to the freedom and safety of America.

Congratulations President Bush on four more years!!!!!

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