It’s Free Jack Wednesday

There is a lot of animosity over Johnathan Keith Idema who is known as Jack. He and some of his guys were working in Afghanistan fighting the terrorists on behalf of the government and were tried, found guilty and then found not guilty yet they remain behind bars.

I have stated a number of times, I do not know Jack Idema and I do not know the other men. I do know that they are being held against their will and this is unacceptable. There is a lot of back and forth he said/she said about this issue. There are points made on both sides and all of the points are based on what each side says and thinks. I really do not care how many law suits Jack has filed, that he [reportedly] has no friends, that he was convicted of a crime, or that he is a reported glory hound. What I care about is that an American is being held in a manner that I consider illegal, in a foreign country.

I would not care if it were John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Stephen Pearcy, or the guy who runs stuporpatriots. What I would care about is that they are Americans and would be being held against their will. I would work as hard for their release as for Jack’s because it is the right thing to do. I do not believe in all the threats and bravado. I do not believe in asking others to act out violently against those with whom I disagree (I could do that myself if I wanted to be childish) and I do not agree with all the personal attacks that disclose private information about people.

The only thing I care about is getting an American home. It is the same goal I had with my troops and it is the same goal for our military, though I believe they come home when the job is done. I think that Jack deserves to be released and to come home. He can then answer the questions and his critics in person and they in turn, can skewer him in person. All the back and forth is counterproductive and presents no one in a favorable light.

Let’s do the right thing and get Jack and his guys home. Then we can sort it out. But whatever we do, let us do it like grown ups.

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2 Responses to “It’s Free Jack Wednesday”

  1. Free Jack Idema 1/18/2006…

    One aspect of the case of Special Forces soldier Jack Idema that I’ve stressed time and again is that the first ‘trial’, at which Jack, Brent and Ed were sentenced to between eight and ten years in prison, was a complete travesty….

  2. Rosemary says:

    I put Jack’s appeal on my Causes of Interest site. :)