It’s a Tragedy, Let’s Raise Taxes


As most people know there was a terrible bridge collapse in Minnesota and a number of people were killed. The liberals were out in force before the victims were completely submerged claiming that the collapse was because we did not have enough money to spend on bridge repair and that the war sucked up all the money to make the roads safe. Leave it to a Democrat to use this tragedy to attempt to raise taxes in order to create a trust fund for bridge repair. Jim Oberstar from Minnesota is the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman and he is recommending a 5 cent a gallon increase in the federal gasoline tax for just such a trust fund.

Before we proceed let’s clear up one thing. There is no such thing as a trust fund to a politician. They should be called no trust funds because we have no trust in politicians to use the money in them for the intended purpose. The Social Security Trust Fund has a billion little IOUs in it because Congress is unable to keep its grubby little hands out of the till. They take that money and spend it on everything but Social Security and then cry that it is going bankrupt. The reason they will not allow us to put it in private accounts is because they would lose access to it. They are all truly cretins who are not fiscally wise.

Now, back to Oberstar and his desire to raise taxes. There is no need for additional taxes. The only need we have is for people who are wise about how money is spent. Our government takes in trillions of dollars and yet never seems to be able to pay the bills. This is because jerks like Oberstar add tons of pork to bills and spend money that could be used for something good, like fixing bridges. The last transportation bill had 6500 pork projects added to it, one of which was a 223 million dollar bridge in Alaske that is not needed and is a waste of money. They taxpayers are paying for a bridge to increase the value of land held by a member of Congress.

The article points out that Oberstar secured 14.6 million dollars for special interest projects. Perhaps instead of raising taxes Oberstar could stop spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave and apply the money to the repairs he is crying about. Maybe this jackass could see to it that public safety is looked after instead of the special interest groups who line the pockets of Congress. This probably never occurred to this idiot because he is too busy thinking of ways to appease his backers and screw the public. Only in politics would someone think it is wise and prudent to spend millions of dollars to secure tens of thousands in campaign contributions.

The government takes in quite enough money to pay for transportation needs. They must have more than enough if 6500 projects that have nothing with transportation can be tacked on to that spending bill. Tolls, gasoline taxes, registration fees, emission control testing, traffic tickets, and on and on. Money comes in but, as is usual in Congress (and state governments where applicable), the money is not specifically earmarked for the intended purpose. They place it in the general fund and then use it to pay for things that make no sense. Look at how Jack Murtha spends money on things that no one has asked for just to pay off his cronies. This is the game in Washington and it will not stop until we vote all of these unethical jerks out of office.

We do not need higher gasoline taxes. We need a Congress that is capable of running this country using fiscally sound principles. Yes, what happened in Minnesota was tragic but more taxes would not have saved these people. Oberstar and his ilk killed these people by failing to ensure that money was appropriately spent to maintain roads. These folks died because Oberstar served his puppet masters in pork land and betrayed those who placed their trust in him.

Mr. Oberstar, how can you collect your 30 pieces of silver after sending those people to die?

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “It’s a Tragedy, Let’s Raise Taxes”

  1. Bosun says:

    Big dog, I concur with you that we do not need higher gasoline taxes. I also agree that we need a Congress that is capable of running this country using fiscally sound principles. What happened in Minnesota was the result of the state government not using the monies that had wisely. Oberstar should be fired along with all the pork barrel politicians who diverted monies.

    Good post, my friend.


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