It’s A Spending Problem

The liberals and their RINO buddies will tell you that they need more money. We have a deficit, they say, because there is not enough money and they concoct schemes to tax us now, spend less later and then eventually tax us and spend more.

The problem we face is a spending problem. It is as simple as that and the government demonstrates it when it releases revenue numbers. No matter how much money the government takes in it ends up spending more than that. There are a few times (mostly in April when tax returns come in) where they take in more than they spend but they spend the excess in a matter of days.

This April was only slightly different in that the amount that came in for the fiscal year was a record. Get that? The government received a record amount of money for the fiscal year so far at 1.735 TRILLION dollars. Even though the government had this record revenue it still ran a deficit of 306 BILLION dollars.

So let’s be clear. The government claims it needs more money so it should raise taxes. When it gets more money it still spends more than it takes in. So the problem is not that it gets too little the problem is that it spends too much.

There are many duplicated services that the government wastes money on and there are many programs that are not covered under the Constitution and belong at the state or with the people so government spends more than it should or is allowed to. These programs coupled with countless pork projects and costly give always results in a deficit and adds to our 17 TRILLION dollar debt.

They got more money and they spent more money. It is not theirs and it does not come out of their pockets so why should they care?

They view us as an ATM and keep taking from us.

The next time some politician tells you we need to pay more in taxes remind that person that they got more and they spent more. Tell that person to cut spending to get things under control.

Speaking of wasteful spending, the government has spent over 5 BILLION dollars on Obamacare websites. For 5 BILLION dollars the government could have hired all the tech wizards from Amazon, Facebook and Google to develop a top notch website.

Five BILLION dollars seems like a little bit in the overall scheme of things but 5 Billion here and 5 BILLION there and pretty soon we are talking about a lot of money.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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