Italian Company Designs Muslim Jeans

An Italian company has designed jeans especially for todays active Muslims. The jeans have been tested and the winning design selected. The jeans are designed to be looser fitting so Muslims will have greater comfort while kneeling and bowing to pray. The jeans also feature a number of items that will help today’s active Muslim:

They’re high around the waist, wide around the leg and have lots of pockets for holding watches, bracelets, glasses and other knickknacks.
The bagginess is to ensure the wearer avoids stiffness while bending down repeatedly during prayers. The pockets are for holding all the accessories Muslims have to take off while they worship. And the jeans have green seams — because green is the sacred color of Islam.

In addition to holding all the mundane life style items, the jeans, marketed under the trade name “Al-Kablewi” will hold up to 30 pounds of plastic explosives and have a special pocket to keep the detonator safe during prayer activity. The jeans also come with 72 get out of hell free cards to prevent today’s active bomber from missing virgin paradise and a special waist device to keep the wearer in the pants after blast-off.

No word on the company’s plan to market a special bomb vest in the near future.

Source: Yahoo News

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