It Would Be funny If It were Not So Sad

Given the devastation in the Gulf in the aftermath of Katrina and all the trouble that New Orleans had which was compounded by the clueless response of the governor it is amazing to hear that the exit plan for that part of the country is just fine. Governor Kathleen Blanco, who should have starred in the movie Clueless said this about the response of her government”

Louisiana had a “well thought-out exit plan” in the days before Hurricane Katrina, and many more lives would have been lost without it, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Sunday.

“There was not a single individual taking a slow step in our state,” Blanco said at the Reliant Center, where more than 2,000 evacuees are living after fleeing the devastation in New Orleans.

In addition, she said:

We did a massive evacuation, and if we hadn’t we would have had thousands of deaths. Right now, the numbers are minimal when you consider the amount of damage.

First of all, were we not told that the slow response by the feds probably caused 10-25 thousand deaths in New Orleans? If this was their first impression how can she now say that their actions made it “minimal?” How can she blame the feds for the perceived deaths and then say her plan was responsible for the lack thereof? Seems to me if she gets credit for the small loss of life she should be on the hook for the massive loss of life. Typical democrat, wants it both ways.

And maybe it is me but when you can’t make a decision, you don’t request help, you don’t activate your militia, you don’t use buses to evacuate people, you don’t allow food and water in and then you ignore this and blame others it stretches the imagination to say it was good. This massive evacuation might have actually been worth while if they had carried through and evacuated everyone. But who am I to say?

I can not fault the governor on this completely. She did say they had a good plan. Maybe they did. We might have had a chance to see how good it was if she had actually exercised it!

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One Response to “It Would Be funny If It were Not So Sad”

  1. Surfside says:

    Her comments would actually be LOL, roll-on-the-floor funny if the situation wasn’t so gut-wrenching tragic. Since I’m still struggling over my JOTM vote, this may help quite a bit. I still have to deal with the sight of all those school buses rotting in the foul water. Nagin has a lot to answer for too.