It Won’t Be Long Before The ACLU Is Involved

I wrote not long ago discussing the fact that sex offenders on Medicaid were able to obtain drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. It seems to me that we would want sex offenders to suffer from this! Now it appears that the government is getting on the bandwagon. Congressman Nathan Deal is looking into ways of saving money in the Medicaid program. The Republican chair of a health subcommittee is looking into having Viagra and other drugs used to treat ED taken off the list of drugs supplied under Medicare or Medicaid.

Some states are not waiting for the Feds to take action. The law allows states to determine what is medically necessary. Texas. among a few others have already removed the drug. I know it will not be long before the ACLU is up in arms about the violation of these sex offender’s civil rights. It will not be long before the left is out there crying about how these poor unfortunates deserve to have sex too and if they can not pay for it the taxpayer should. There will be those who argue that those who are not sex offenders are being punished. Fact is, ED medication is not needed to sustain life. If the anyone wants to use it then they need to pay for it.

The idea will no doubt fuel the anger of those who think Republicans are cruel and don’t want to help people. According to Deal:

“Taxpayers are willing to pay for somebody’s heart medication, but they are not going to buy their beer or their Viagra”

I think this is a fair assessment. Despite the fact that the elderly are among the more affluent in our society, if they are unable to afford their heart medications then the taxpayer should provide them. Besides, if they are using heart medications ED medications are probably contraindicated. We would not want them to have a heart attack.

Once we get a handle on the unnecessary drugs then we can get control of the Medicare/Medicaid system.

As an aside, I don’t think a convicted felon, especially a child molester should get any medication that is paid for by the taxpayer. If you are convicted you should lose your benefits. If they want free medications tell them to volunteer to stay in jail and they will get what they need. Maybe we can lock all the child molesters in a jail cell and pump them full of Viagra. Then they can have fun with each other.

Story at WBAL.

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