It Will Get Worse If We make Them Legal

The gang of eight and all the other politicians who desire to make the shadowy illegal aliens in America instantly legal keep assuring us that once these folks are out of the shadows they will not receive welfare. In case you live in a cave someplace (which is silly because you would not be reading this) welfare is paid for with tax dollars. People work hard for their money and then some of it is extorted from them by government who then hands it over to those who do not work, cannot work, or are not earning much money.

Welfare was designed to be a social safety net but it has become a wealth redistribution scheme run by the government to keep people dependent on the politicians. Vote for us and we will keep paying you with other people’s money.

There is proof that once illegals are given some sort of legal status they will get welfare. One big one is the Senators who have proclaimed that they will get the money. That pretty much indicates there is no push to ensure it does not happen.

Another good indication is that billions of dollars in taxpayer money is spent on welfare that goes to people who should not get it. People in prison are getting checks. People who are dead continue to get checks that their families are undoubtedly spending. There are billions of dollars wasted in the welfare scheme.

Another strong indication that those newly legal people will get our tax dollars is the fact that many of them are getting our tax dollars as ILLEGALS.

A woman in Florida who is in this country illegally and has been for at least 20 years is drawing $240 a month in food stamps and $700 a month in Social Security and she has been getting this money for 20 years. She is 50 years old so that means we have been supporting her since she was 30.

The amount of money she gets and whether or not she can live on it is not material to the issue. The real issue is that she is here illegally and is receiving welfare money.

How in the name of all that is holy can our government claim those illegals it deems to be legal will not get welfare money when it cannot stop the illegals from getting it? This woman is but one example that is surely repeated all across the nation. The linked article indicates that Florida has a lot of food stamp recruiters and they have a goal; to increase federal aid to Florida by a billion dollars a year.

These people are working to get folks on the welfare rolls whether they are lawfully eligible or not.

Our tax dollars are being wasted supporting people who squirt out a litter of children or bring in their families (this woman has 7 people to feed) while we work our butts off to make ends meet.

The members of Congress working on immigration reform say that tax dollars in the form of welfare will not be given to those newly legal people but we all know this is a lie.

We have a problem with illegals for two very basic facts. The first is we have an open border and we refuse to secure it. The second is we give illegals welfare. If we did not pay them our money to come here they would stay home.

It is time to tell Congress to drop all ideas of making these people legal. We need sweeping reform that includes purging all the welfare rolls of people who are here illegally. Couple this with e-verify and workplace enforcement and these people will eventually self deport.

Let’s solve the problem by making them go home rather than making them legal (thus rewarding them for their crime) and paying them to be here.

Enough is enough.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “It Will Get Worse If We make Them Legal”

  1. Blake says:

    Everyone says that we cannot deport 12 million illegals- I say we can at least TRY. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
    Shooting them as they attempt to cross would be a deterrent also.
    Pile up enough bodies, you make a wall.