It Takes Gall

There is the old story (I believe used to make a point) about the boy who murdered his parents and then asked the court for leniency because he was an orphan. Takes quite a bit of gall to commit a crime and then ask for special treatment because of how the crime affected you.

The people of Honduras who are attempting to get to America ILLEGALLY are basically doing the same thing. They are demanding safe passage through Mexico so they can illegally enter the United States. Those making the demands are people who, through their own illegal behavior, have been harmed.

You see, many of these folks are missing limbs because they fell off the huge train that many jump onto in order to travel through Mexico. A number of these folks are killed when the train runs over them but others end up losing a limb or two.

These folks, who cost the Mexican hospitals a lot of money, are fitted with a prosthesis by the Red Cross (another financial burden) and then sent home.

They are not happy with that arrangement. They are upset that they had to take such horrible risks to break the law. They want the Mexican government to make it easier for them to break the law by allowing them safe passage so they can get through Mexico and illegally enter the US.

These people are victims of one thing, their criminal behavior.

If they had stayed where they belong and not broken the law they would not be missing body parts. Now they cry that no one will hire them and they can’t get a job as if someone else is to blame.

I am sure they still want to get to the US so they can apply for disability and live off the backs of the people paying taxes but they should stay home where they belong.

It is terrible they got injured but they did this to themselves. If a guy breaking into my home tripped and shot himself I would not feel sorry for him. If he was not breaking the law he would not have gotten injured.

Same goes for these guys.

But I admit it takes a lot of gall to demand that you be assisted with your lawbreaking…

LA Times

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One Response to “It Takes Gall”

  1. Blake says:

    Keep ’em all out- period.