It Sure Was Challenging For Hillary

Hillary Clinton, fresh off her tie in Iowa, is in New Hampshire to discuss why she should be the Democrat nominee for president. At the end of an event she was asked about cyber security and she was actually able to answer it with a straight face.

Hillary stated that cyber security is one of the most important challenges the next president faces and that there are nations constantly attacking our cyber networks and that we, among other things, have to let them know we will not tolerate their cyber evasiveness.

The very same woman who used an unsecured personal server for official emails, a server that was undoubtedly hacked by the very nations she mentioned, and who was very evasive with her cyber footprint wants us to believe that she is able to handle cyber security.

Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information and put it at risk of disclosure, particularly to hostile nations. She broke the law and she did this in order to avoid having her email archived in accordance with federal law (cyber evasiveness).

Hillary Clinton said that cyber security would be an important challenge for the next president.

She should know since cyber security was very challenging for her. In fact it was so challenging that she failed it miserably and will only avoid indictment if the hacks in DC play politics and give her a pass.

Loretta Lynch is unlikely to prosecute any Democrat particularly the one running for the presidency.

In any event, Hillary broke many laws.

During the last election Hillary asked us who we wanted to answer the 3 am phone call. Turns out she was not the right choice as demonstrated by her response to the events in Benghazi. She failed the 3 am test miserably.

Obama proved to be equally unqualified to answer a 3 am phone call.

Hillary is no more qualified to handle cyber security than she is to handle a 3 am phone call.

We don’t need Hillary in cyber security, we need her in maximum security.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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