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Over at Adam’s there is a post about the right not being happy with the selection of Harriet Miers. In the comment section, this exchange took place:

Did I tell you Dr. Peters was dissing president Bush today in number theory… haha…

He was going off about the polar caps being melted in the near future and he said he didn’t like that Bush walked out of some meeting that a bunch of countries were at, talking about global warming.

Kelt – 10/4/2005 @ 6:43 pm

Nice. I guess Big Dog was right. Our professors ARE filling our heads with liberal mush! The caps aren’t melting, and Bush never walked out on any meeting. Oh wait, yes he did…

Adam – 10/5/2005 @ 8:45 am

Adam is correct, I am right and the professors are filling their heads with mush. First of all, global warming is a theory and it has yet to be proven. Secondly, if the ice caps are melting wouldn’t that make the water they emptied into cooler? If so, how is it that global warming was blamed for making the Gulf water warmer which spurred the violent hurricanes. By the way, there have been violent hurricanes all throughout the last century and some of them occurred before global warming became a war cry. I am upset about the other thing. I mean I am not upset that Bush walked out, I am upset that he was there in the first place. These summits have the same theme; “America, you are big polluters, what are you going to do to fix it. Write us a check. Give us concessions so we can pollute while you clean it up.” When they prove global warming, call me.

As for the professor filling heads with mush. Answer why a math professor was discussing politics in class. Why was he bashing the President? Did he talk bad about the idiot politicians in Louisiana and how they screwed things up? I think this jackass should be teaching math and leaving the politics for the political science professors. I am sure that many of the toadies on the cusp in that class will agree and espouse those positions to curry favor with the professor. I could be wrong though, maybe this math teacher was adding politics to teach that fuzzy math that the moonbats use during elections. I wish I were in the class that day. When I got done with the nutty professor he would know how things add up. Then he could show off that Big Dog bite in the area where he keeps his head.

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