It Is Time to Redeploy

I have put it off for as long as I can and I have given it every chance to be successful. I have believed the government when it told me that things would be better, that more money would help, and that people’s lives would be better. There are near daily killings and the demolished surroundings will likely never be repaired. The police are not helping and the bad guys seem to be running the place. It is terrible to learn that mothers are sending their children to kill. I am afraid that I must concede that I was wrong and we need to redeploy, we need to pull out, we need to end it all.

That is, we need to pull out of New Orleans. Sectarian violence (one group of criminals killing another group of criminals) has gotten so bad down there that they are on a pace to have 235 murders this year in a city that has less than half the population it had before the hurricane. With 200,000 people back in the city the murder rate will be 117.5 per 100k, if the present rate continues. We need to pull all the federal money out of there, Congress needs to cut off any additional money, we need to bring home any of our forces (Red Cross, Guardsmen from other states, FEMA officials, federal workers, etc.), and we need to do it quickly. The American public does not like the idea of its citizens being murdered while trying to help a group of people who do not appreciate the effort. The people of New Orleans are going to have to do this on their own.

Where are Clinton, Murtha, Obama, Edwards, Kerry, Kennedy, Reid, and Pelosi on this one? They are right here watching this unfold before their eyes and yet they have refused to act. They are placing our people in harm’s way and they will not do anything about it. I know they have that silly argument that if we do not stay there the criminals will branch out and possibly go to other states. This is ridiculous and it needs to end now. The violence has to stop. The voters made that clear during the last election and the Democrats need to do something.

Here is another interesting item. There are people in New Orleans who admit that this is a social problem but they fail to see the real problem and the real solution. They believe the problem is in the educational system and will require more government. I believe this passage tells us all we need to know:

The larger problem is that New Orleans has too many social problems – drugs, poverty, broken families, poor education – all present before Katrina.

A recent murder encapsulated the difficulties. After a 17-year-old was beaten up, his mother gave him a gun and told him to get revenge, and he killed the boy he fought with.

When police went to his home to investigate, they found the mother with cocaine and a family photo on display of the son with a gun in one hand and a fistful of cash in the other.

“For us to correct this, we have to look at the root of the problem. The root of the problem is our education system,” Police Superintendent Warren Riley said in an interview.

It is not difficult to see that the real problem is the family. Social ills have caused problems but the whole issue boils down to the family. Single parent families, unwed mothers, drugs, lack of love and parents who are criminals are major problems. The event depicted in the passage above had nothing to do with education. A drug addicted parent gave a kid a gun to get revenge. This is a failure of the family and it is likely due to the fact that government has been mommy and daddy for way too long.

Wake up America and demand that we pull out of New Orleans NOW. It is a dangerous place and we should not be there. Demand that your politicians cut off the money going there and to immediately redeploy our workers before more people end up dead.


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9 Responses to “It Is Time to Redeploy”

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  2. DarthDilbert says:

    Nagin Lied – People Died.

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  4. Bravo, Big Dog! I recently wrote a piece similar to this. GO BIG DADDY!


  5. Robert says:

    isn’t that the truth, the Libs like Murtha and company are real quick to point out issues in other country’s and what we CAN’T Do, very rarely do they say what we CAN do.

    Funny thing about NOLA, It is ran by liberals, corrupt liberals at that.. the crime rate is so high for one reason and one reason only… The liberal crime policies are at work there.

    Typical ACLU type justice, everyone gets a second and third and fourth chance and when they kill again the get rehab, followed by Parole that leads to more crime and then counseling and therapy and then more murders…

    But it’s all GW’s fault

  6. Pauli says:

    You really had me going, man! Great post, loved it.

  7. Rosemary says:

    It’s about time someone put into words what I was thinking. They don’t believe our Military is capable of stopping ALL crime and terrorists attacks in a far away land, so they want the troops to come home.

    Yet they don’t won’t lift a finger to help themselves in NO, but they will lift that lazy finger to point it at GWB. I am disgusted. Do they not realize the GWB was on the phone 3 days BEFORE the hurricane trying to get permission to allow the federal gov’t to help?

    You see, the feds CANNOT enter a state without them ASKING for the help! Are they blaming Chocolate Nagin? No, they re-elected him! I care about all Americans, and sometimes with that care you just have to push those baby birds out of the nest so they can learn to fly on their own. Period.

  8. Jonathan Carpenter says:


    Let us all remember them reelecting Congressman William Jefferson even after the FBI found $90,000 grand in his freezer. It is true some of FEDS messed up in Louisiana; but how can things improve when the state officials are as ethically challenged as any member of “The Sopranos Cast”?

  9. virginia says:

    Bigdog, right again as always. This is basically what I have been telling everyone i know, but you said it better. Better believe that i am going to pass this along. I love true facts, and this is the only place to find it. Thanks BD.