It Is The Law

There are those out there who feel that the money spent on the GWOT would be better spent on Americans here at home. I am of the opinion that we need to spend money at home but what kind of home do we have if we are not safe in it? The disaster in the Gulf points out many flaws in the entitlement society. People expect the government to do everything for them and when it comes to a major disaster they sit around waiting for help. I am all for helping the people affected by this disaster but remind readers that some of the responses espoused by the left are against the law.

There seems to be a concerted ignorance about state’s rights and the fact they need to request help to get it. The federal government can not jump in and take over. The problem is compounded when local governments refuse the very help they now criticize for being too slow. It would seem that the politicians in Louisiana were caught up in the entitlement mindset. They were so caught up they abandoned their responsibilities.

The federal government can not activate troops to go in, they can not send FEMA or any other agency without the request (permission if you will) of the state. The very people saying that the feds should have gone in are the ones who would cry that Bush was usurping state authority if he had done just that.

We have laws in this country and though they are usually a matter of inconvenience for the left, we have them for a reason. It really does not matter. If Bush enlisted the help of Superman to fly in and blow the hurricane out to sea the left would claim that the President deprived the state government of its authority. They will point fingers at him for everything. As I said before, things can be better but we still need to follow the law.

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2 Responses to “It Is The Law”

  1. Jim says:

    Big Dog, you are just as guilty as the left when it comes to pointing fingers. What we need is a LOT less partisan finger pointing and a lot more helping hands. There is plenty of blame to go around. This should be a major wake-up to the American people (as if 9/11 wasn’t enough).
    The blame can be lain at every level from the Mayor who didn’t do enough soon enough to save more of the public, to the Gov. who didn’t ask for help as soon as she should have, to Bush who appointed a totally inept FEMA director.
    I am in the communications business and am dismayed at some of stupid things that the Dept. of Homeland Security is spending millions of our tax dollars on. There is no excuse for the radios from one dept. not able to communicate with others. There are very quick and easy ways around this problem but everyone wants to spend more money to upgrade to the coolest new thing out there that doesn’t work any better than what we have now. Did we learn nothing from 9/11?
    Let’s DEMAND that we get more value for our money than we have been getting from our government and quit being so partisan that we cut off our noses to spite our faces.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Jim I appreciate the sentiment but if you reread all the posts you will see that I have put the blame at all levels. I merely point out that there are laws involved. I have been dismayed at what our government in general spends money on for years. I have written about it and feel strongly that the government, regardless of who is in charge, waste lots and lots of money whether it is pork or mismanagement.

    As for finger pointing I can only say that the bulk of the blame has to lie at the local level and lessen as it rises because of the way our republic is set up. You would have thought the civilian government would have learned from the military and Grenada. Our services did not have radios that talked to each other. The military fixed that, where were the lessens learned?

    One more thing about my pointing out blame. I have stated on a number of occasions that there is plenty to go around. Most of my points are designed to show that and counteract the prevailing attitude that the state and local governments have no culpability. We can not put all the blame on the feds and when we do, let’s make sure it is for the right thing.

    I will always, however, point out stupidity such as found with Farrakhan