It Is Judicial Review

I wrote some time ago about the eminent domain issue and how the liberals on the Supreme Court decided it was OK for the government to take your property and give it to private developers if the new venture would generate more revenue. There is a group of folks who are trying to get Justice Souter’s home taken away so they can build an Inn there. I think that it is a great idea but will probably be difficult to achieve. The house is over 200 years old and Souter is politically connected. The elitist bastards who decide these laws hardly ever have to live by them.

Here is what I find particularly disheartening:

State Rep. Neal Kurk, a Weare resident who is sponsoring two pieces of eminent domain legislation in New Hampshire, said he expects the group’s proposal to be defeated overwhelmingly.

“Most people here see this as an act of revenge and an improper attack on the judicial system,” Kurk said. “You don’t go after a judge personally because you disagree with his judgments.”

It is good they are introducing legislation to correct this gross malpractice of law but to say this is a personal attack on a justice because of a disagreement is ridiculous. The people who are doing this are making this justice live in the same world he imposed on everyone else. Kennedy, Biden and the rest of the moonbats kept reminding us that judge Alito did not apply real world judgement and that this troubled them. The Kelo decision is a matter of the liberal justices not living in the real world. Now, at least one of them is being made to live under the rules he imposed.

Like I said, he is connected and will worm his way out but it would not break my heart to see his house bulldozed to the ground. It is time that these dwellers of elitist land finally felt the pain they cause the general population.

Source: ABC News

To end the tyranny, remain well armed.

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One Response to “It Is Judicial Review”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    A HUGE ditto to your post! Well said…..excellent!