It Is Crunch Time

In less than 12 hours the polls will open and the 2004 presidential election will begin. It is time for all Americans to ask themselves who is better prepared to lead this country in the war against terror. I know there are those among you who will clamor about health insurance, minimum wages and a litany of other democratic talking points. The fact is that if we are not safe, none of those other things will matter. We are in a fight for our survival and we must remain strong and resolute against an enemy that wants us dead.

John Kerry has used the election process to denigrate our troops. He has told lie after lie after lie. He has no shame and will say anything to get elected. John Kerry mocks the troops by saying the Mission Accomplished sign was a lie because the president had no plan and the mission was not accomplished. If he understood the military he would know the sign meant the mission of that ship had been accomplished.

Kerry keeps telling the senior citizens that if Bush is elected he will take away their social security. Gore said the same thing in 2000 yet the seniors are still getting their checks.

John Kerry keeps saying the President will bring back the draft. He knows full well that it is the Congress that does such things. As a matter of fact, Kerry’s party introduced legislation to bring back the draft as an election year stunt. The Republicans called for a vote and the measures were defeated. The sponsors of the bills did not even vote for them.

Despite what his toadies say, John Kerry has NOT been consistent. He has changed his mind on every possible issue. His positions are only a reflection of the daily polls. He even took a poll to see what he should say to the public about the bin Laden video. A real president knows what to say without a poll. Kerry was for the war when it was popular and against the war when it was not. He keeps saying he has a plan but he has yet to produce any details.

Kerry probably received a dishonorable discharge from the Navy for treason. He was in bed with our enemy and he was probably dishonorably discharged. I have circumstantial evidence but since Kerry has refused to release his records I will have to go on what it looks like. He can disprove it anytime by signing the SF 180. John Kerry has been unable to tell the truth. He said he released all his records yet the Navy says there are 100 pages that have not been released. Kerry slipped up recently and told everyone in an interview that his records had not been released (in contradiction to his earlier assertions) and when he realized his error NBC news changed the transcript to hide Kerry’s revelation.

John Kerry does not support our military or the security of our nation. He has said that we need a coalition and that we must pass a global test before we go to war. Of course, he then says he would never ask for a permission slip. He says he believes in preemtion but blasts the President for doing just that. Kerry keeps saying he would never cede the authority of the US to defend itself and he has always been consistent on this. Well in 1970 he said that US troops should not be used without the permission of the United Nations. We saw what he did when he got home from Vietnam. He protested and helped the North Vietnamese while causing our POW’s harm. Kerry wants us to believe he is a hero when he described himself and everyone else that was in Vietnam as war criminals. He threw his medals away but now flashes them proudly and talks about how great he was for earning them. He fails to mention that he lost them for a while and they were not reissued until his DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE was overturned by Jimmy Carter.

John Kerry keeps saying that only the rich should pay all the taxes yet he and his wife paid 12% last year. That is less than most people in the middle class he so proudly champions. Kerry talks a good game with a plethora of social programs that can not be paid for without taxing the middle class he vows to protect. Kerry and his wife have found a way to keep more of their money but he will not let you do the same. Kerry pretends to be one of the guys by getting a gun and going hunting. He claims to be an avid hunter. John Kerry has voted for every gun ban that has been introduced. He has voted to ban center fire ammunition and to tax all firearms related items heavily. John Kerry is no friend of the gun owner. He does believe what is good for the goose is good for the pander but gun owners do not buy it.

John Kerry professes to be a man of faith yet he and his party ridicule the President for his beliefs. Kerry says he is a practicing Catholic but he votes to allow abortion, including the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion, and he has been divorced. He is entitled to his beliefs but they are in stark contrast to what his professed religion espouses. Kerry will tell us he can not push his beliefs on others yet he feels content to push the beliefs of the left on everyone else.

John Kerry is bad for America. George Bush is firm, resolute, and unwavering. He told us what he would do and he did it. We know what he believes not only today but also tomorrow. Bush has been keeping us safe and he has pissed off the terrorists. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but the number of terror attacks in the world has decreased and we have not been attacked since 9/11. Bush is keeping us safe and he will do so with every ounce of his being. Our economy is good and the numbers are getting better. The numbers are about the same as those Clinton had when he ran for his second term. The only difference is that then Kerry said they were good and now he says they are bad. Bush is the man for the job and we need to keep him.

Remember, the troops want Bush by a margin of 3 to 1. We owe it to them to vote for the man they want to lead them. The terrorists all want Kerry. Who do you support? The terrorists or the troops. Let your conscience be your guide.

God bless George Bush and God bless America.

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