It Does Not Look Good

It would appear that tensions are running high along the Gaza Strip. Hamas launched a rocket attack into Israel and the Israelis have resumed air strikes against Hamas targets. Many had hoped that when Israel relinquished the disputed territory there would be peace. It does not look like this will happen in the near future.

It did not help that the Palestinians marched into Gaza with a show of weapons and that government officials allowed them to claim that they had run the Israelis out. I am sure, given their already bruised egos, the Israelis did not take kindly to this display. The Palestinians have allowed a free flow of arms into the territory and that does not look like a sign of peace.

I don’t think anyone has an accurate picture of what is going on. There is finger pointing going on on both sides but the Palestinian Authority contradicts the stories coming out of the area:

The escalation was set off by an explosion Friday at a Hamas rally in the crowded Jebaliya refugee camp that killed at least 15 Palestinians. Witnesses said the blast went off near a pickup truck carrying Hamas militants and homemade rockets.

Hamas blamed Israel and said it fired rockets on Israeli border towns in retaliation. However, the Palestinian Authority described the explosion as an accident that happened when Islamic militants mishandled explosives and renewed demands that armed groups stop flaunting their weapons.

I do not know what is going on but it is clear that there is a lot of unrest. It will not take long for the Israelis to flex its military strength so the Palestinians should be wary of taking aggressive actions. I am sure that a few more unprovoked attacks on Israel will cause the Israelis to launch an all out offensive. If that happens, there will be a blood bath in the area.

Read the story at My Way News.

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