It Did Not Take Long For The Knife To Come Out

I posted several days ago that you should never trust a democrat. Never deal with them and never trust them. I knew that they would use the compromise to talk badly about the republicans. I was well aware that they would not negotiate in good faith.

They kept talking about things being off the table and that they would not block this or that. One of the things they were supposed to do was to allow the vote on John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN. Well surprise, surprise, surprise. The democrats have voted not to send the nomination forward. They say they need to see more government documents before they decide. I think part of the deal was that they were supposed to let this vote go forward but they screwed the republicans right out of the starting gate.

I knew it would not take long but this came more quickly than I thought it would. They wasted no time in ignoring the deal that they made. This is from Reuters:

Democrats agreed on Tuesday to clear the way for the Senate to vote on the controversial nomination of John Bolton as the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, which was expected to pass mainly on party lines.

I am no rocket scientist but I have more than a few brain cells and to this old dog it does not seem like voting to hold up the vote is clearing the way for the vote. Maybe the republicans were naive and actually thought that this meant the democrats were going to play by the rules they had agreed upon. Fat chance. I predicted this several days ago. For God’s sake, Stevie Wonder could see that the democrats would blow the deal as quickly as possible. I think they want to go into the holiday recess with the country thinking that they averted disaster with the deal and are being careful with the nomination of Bolton. They want to garner support to defeat this nominee. It will not happen but they could not resist the chance to break a promise, to show us that they are the party of liars.

I will say it again. Never, ever negotiate with a democrat.

As an aside, the two worthless Senators from Maryland, Mikulski and Sarbanes voted against advancing the nomination. Thank God Sarbanes is retiring. I am hopeful we will get a republican in there for a change. Now all we need to do is find a way to get rid of Babs Mikulski. These two are totally worthless and they have the state so locked up that you never see them until it is election time. I did not expect these two to actually keep the democrat’s word. Hell, all they do here is lie to people.

You can read the story and see how your Senator voted here.

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