It Depends On Who Does It

Whether this whole relief package is a good idea or bad one depends upon what party the president represents. Liberals like to throw money at problems when it is a democratic president. They get great press and are considered compassionate (I feel your pain). When a republican does it the immediate question is when are we going to raise taxes. The MSM points out, not the good will gesture, but how it affects the core base of that republican. Here is an interesting item:

“[I]n ignoring the small-government sensitivities of conservatives in favor of a grand set of proposals that, had Bill Clinton delivered it, would be receiving hosannas today from The New York Times and The Washington Post, Bush may have done something politically catastrophic to his own presidency.

“…He’s been showing some weakness among his core Republican voters, especially in Katrina’s wake, with polls suggesting a 15 percent drop in support from these people who, for the most part, loved him during his first term. When a president gets into trouble, he needs to firm up his base. Last night, Bush did something entirely different.”

– New York Post columnist John Podhoretz on President Bush’s Thursday night address to the nation announcing huge and expensive federal plans for disaster relief in the Gulf Coast region

I posted earlier that this is Bush’s way of saying, we did it your way and now we are going to do it ours. The feds will cough up a great deal of taxpayer money to rebuild a city that espouses conservative principles and discards the entitlement of a welfare society. If done correctly, this will debunk decades of liberal ideology.

It might cost a great deal of money but the idea of making more people self dependant and rely less on government hand outs will be well worth the cost. Besides, this might actually compel the Congress to cut pork and wasteful spending in order to keep voters on their side. It is a shame that Katrina happened and we can not alert hat fact. We can only hope that the result is a better America.

Big Dog Salute to DS.

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