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Not long ago the Supreme Court decided that it was perfectly OK for a person’s private property to be taken from them and the land given to developers under the provisions of the Fifth Amendment. The SCOTUS feels it is fine for them to take your property if it means that more revenue will be generated by the venture. This is a decision that affects everyone who owns property as well as people who rent property from others. This is not a decision that only affects the poor yet Maxine Waters does not see it that way.

Liberals warned that it could make it easier to tear down poor neighborhoods. “We don’t need you on this one,” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said to those arguing that eminent domain can lead to beneficial urban renewal projects. “We need you to respect the right of those minorities and those poor people to hold on to what is their own.”

Maxine, we need to respect the right of EVERYONE who owns property. I get the impression that if this ruling was designed to only affect the rich Waters would have no objection. This type of pandering only reinforces the us vs. them mentality of the liberal left. If Waters wants to make a statement then perhaps she should discuss how this will affect all property owners and demonstrate that she has a grasp of the situation. Maybe she needs someone to tell her that she represents everyone in her district, not just the poor.

This kind of judicial activism is exactly why we need people like Roberts and Alito on the bench. But watch and see how many liberals actually support the nomination. Many will not because Roe trumps all other concerns. Who cares if people have their property taken so long as the right to murder is maintained?


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