Israel Should Cease Firing When Hamas Is Destroyed

When Israel reatliated against Hamas for the daily rocket attacks I made it clear that she should wipe out Hamas or there will be future problems. I am not the only one. Those who side with Israel (the people who are not anti Semites) know all too well the game that is played. Israel takes action, the other side cries and demands a cease fire because of the death and suffering and then, when circumstances allow, the terrorists attack again. The only way to prevent it is an absolute victory that involves wiping out the enemy.

Hamas has no intention of living in peace. It is sworn to destroy Israel and it has made its intentions quite clear. Despite this, Israel has stated that it met its goals and declared a unilateral cease fire.

One would think that the members of Hamas who lived through the ordeal would be happy to be alive and that the action had stopped.

Of course, we are talking about barbaric morons who use the media to play games and who attack innocent civilians. These are the people who say they want action stopped but then do things to provoke more attacks. Thus is the case with the latest cease fire.

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Militants fired six rockets into southern Israel and exchanged gunfire with troops in northern Gaza Sunday, hours after Israel declared a unilateral cease-fire in the Palestinian territory, an Israeli spokesman said.

The Qassam rockets were fired into Sderot at 9 a.m. — seven hours after Israel’s cease-fire went into effect. The rockets did not injure anyone, and Israeli aircrafts destroyed the rocket launcher soon afterward, an Israeli military spokesman said.

What will it take before Israel understands what has to be done to stop the attacks? Until she realizes that the terrorists will not stop and do not want peace, the same scenario will play out over and over like a Jewish version of the movie Ground Hog Day.

There will be no peace until those who continually strive to destroy Israel are killed.

Israel should learn this lesson soon or it will be playing this movie over and over for generations to come.

Sources: Pajama’s Media | Atlas Shrugs

Big Dog

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9 Responses to “Israel Should Cease Firing When Hamas Is Destroyed”

  1. Bill Gibbons says:

    AMEN. there will never be peace in that area for Israel or from the waring Arab nations. “They say there is peace when there is no Peace.” This has everything t do with Biblical prophecy as we see what God said — lived out!

  2. Adam says:

    I don’t understand why Israel isn’t concentrating action through the the use of some kind of special forces instead of the bombings and invasion that has lead to so many innocent Palestinian deaths. Does Israel have such a capability?

    At what point do the deaths of folks in Israeli communities become overshadowed by the death of folks in Palestinian communities?

    And I don’t appreciate your suggestion that if you’re not siding with Israel in this war that you are anti-Semite. But that’s just par for the course I suppose when it comes to you fine folks who are “Friends of Israel” and have the graphic on your sites to prove it.

  3. Schatzee says:

    I just happened to be watching the news when the “cease fire” was being called and discussed and Hamas fired into Israel. UNREAL. They were crying poor us and as soon as they had 10 seconds to regroup, they fired off some rockets.

    I agree that until they are completely wiped out, there will be no peace over there. Israel gave up Gaza and it did nothing to appease the thirst for Israeli blood. It’s disgusting.

    Why should any country have to live constantly expecting their neighbors to attack? Israel has every right to defense themselves and if that means wiping out the Palestinian communities, no matter how bad I feel for them, I can’t blame Israel at all.

  4. Adam says:

    I guess the question is how does one view the difference between the people of Palestine and the people of Hamas and it’s elected officials. It’s like those who claim to show the strongest support for Israel tend to blur that line and view all of Palestine as the enemy. How long are the people to be made to suffer for the actions of their elected officials. It’s a very complicated issue that is rarely done justice through the jingoistic rantings of this “Friends of Israel” blogging community…

  5. Adam says:


    So Israel would be justified to just carry out the extermination of the men, women, and children of the Palestinian territories in order to be secure? Only a stark raving lunatic or somebody with no stake in the matter would call for such madness.

  6. Big Dog says:

    The thing that you seem to miss Adam, is that Israel is not targeting civilians. They are targeting those who are shooting at them. Hamas has set up rockets in Mosques, schools and neighborhoods.

    They did this because they know the civilized world loathes killing innocent people. This is a crime and a violation of the laws of war but they do it anyway because they like to use their dead as propaganda.

    Adam, tricky thing there. This is not an issue of Palestine vs Israel. It is Hamas vs. Israel. The beef is with Hamas and Hamas alone. They dragged the Palestinian people into it. So, some folks can decide not to choose sides and that is fine. But if you choose, there are only 2 sides. Hamas or Israel.

    If you are one who has chosen Hamas, an organization that denies the Jews right to exist and has protesters praising Hitler and telling them to go back to the ovens then you have chosen the anti Semitic side and that makes you an anti Semite.

    Now, if you have no dog in the fight and are only concerned for the plight of the Palestinians then as long as you couch it that way without calling for the extermination of Israel you would not be anti Semitic. However, if you only care about them and refuse to understand that Israeli civilians were attacked every day then you figure out what it means.

    Wow, you hate the idea of someone who opposes Israel being called anti Semitic but have no problem with calling anyone who questions Obama a racist.

    Something to ponder next time you throw that word around.

  7. Adam says:

    Oh brother. Once again your childish grasp of racial concerns rears it’s ugly head. Just because I call you racist for some of your anti-Obama rhetoric doesn’t mean I think anybody who is anti-Obama is racist. You’ve apparently already forgotten than I did not support Obama in the primary and I was pretty upset that he won it.

    Am I the only one here finding it ironic that we are talking about Jews exterminating millions of Palestinians? Or am I to take the phrase “wiping out the Palestinian communities” to mean the orderly destruction of only the terrorists in the West Bank and Gaza?

  8. Big Dog says:

    Where did I say to wipe out Palestinian communities? I said destroy Hamas. You anger should be directed at them since they are endangering their civilian population.

    How much more could Israel do than warn people to leave and to send them messages telling them where they were bombing?

    Fact: Hamas uses humans as shileds.

    Fact: That does not keep them from being attacked.

    I have no “childish grasp” of racial concerns. I have no empathy for people who cling to the party that enslaved them, denied them civil rights, and continues to keep them in poverty.

    I know many blacks who feel the same way. Are they racists as well?

    You see, I understand that slavery, as ugly as it was, happened over a hundred years ago and that no one alive today was a slave or owned a slave. I also know we have equality in this society to the extent that blacks are treated special. It is reverse discrimination and it says to them that they cannot make it on their own.

    I also refuse to allow race to be the issue for what ails society or a segment of it.

  9. Big Dog says:

    Adam, I believe the entire quote, when taken in context, is that Israel has the right to defend itself even if it means wiping out those communities. No one is suggesting they do so.

    We are saying that the guilt for the attacks lies with Hamas and their use of innocents as shields.

    At what point is any nation supposed to stop being held hostage? Seems to me we killed a lot of innocent Japanese because their government refused to surrender. Was it ugly? Yes. Did it end the war and save American lives? Absolutely.