Israel Must Press On Or More Attacks Will Come

A cease fire deal is in the works and Hezbollah is claiming victory in the war with Israel. Israel is in no hurry to stop shooting and only hesitates because the rest of the world wants them to lay down arms and let the Muslims kill them all. The reason Hezbollah wants a cease fire and Iran and Syria will agree is that Hezbollah is getting its clock cleaned. They are being pounded and they are dying. But, the Hezbollah leader is claiming victory and telling his people that they beat the invincible army.

Israel needs to forget about any resolution passed and keep pounding that place into dust. If Israel quits now they Muslims will believe the tripe coming out of Hezbollah and will believe that they can beat Israel. They will be emboldened and will attack again. They have never, ever honored UN resolution and they have never, ever honored a cease fire. They will not honor any deal that is brokered and if they believe they have won and still have part of a fighting force then they will attack again. A cease fire would also give Iran and Syria the chance to sneak weapons in for resupply.

I say for Israel to take all the time it needs and to tell the rest of the world to go screw itself. They need to take 2000 tanks and 40,000 troops into Lebanon and they need to clear a path that is wide and deep and they need to kill anything that moves. When, and only when, Hezbollah is completely eliminated or reduced to impotency, then Israel should consider a cease fire. Pound the hell out of them around the clock for the next week and then let us see what they are claiming.

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