Israel Enters Gaza For Ground War

Israeli Friend

After pounding Hamas from the air for seven days the Israelis have entered Gaza with tanks and infantry on a mission to seek out and destroy anyplace Hamas has rockets. The Israeli military has been extremely careful in trying to minimize civilian deaths and casualties and they have been pretty successful. Now that they have boots on the ground things will get a bit more dicey because people will be all over and the cowards that pretend to be men in that part of the world will be hiding behind and among women and children.

Even though Hamas is getting its clock cleaned by Israel they are still exhibiting the bluster that the people of the Middle East are known for. Remember Saddam Hussein and his predictions of the mother of all battles and blood running down the street? Remember Baghdad Bob saying that the invaders are being repelled and killed while American tanks were rolling through the city?

Hamas said that Gaza would be a mass graveyard for Israeli troops.

I don’t know how these low life imbeciles expect to accomplish that since they are all in hiding. They start fights and then they all go into hiding while the rest of the people have to run around looking for refuge. Every time one of them pokes his head out of hiding an Israeli rocket sends him to hell where they all belong.

I imagine that this assault by Israel will be a bit different than the last one. If they remain focused and ignore the morons in the world calling for them to stop then they will do fine. They have a mission and I think they plan on carrying it out. It seems as if they have said to hell with the rest of the world because they know they don’t get a fair shake no matter what.

Good for them. The people calling for you to stop won’t like you know matter what you do so go out and raise hell in Gaza. Send every one of those cretins to hell to visit with Mohammad the child molesting prophet.

I think that Gaza will become a huge cemetery for Hamas. The only thing that would be better than wiping out Hamas would be if Iran did something to give Israel a reason to hit that nuclear reactor and send a bunch of the Iranians to hell along with their Hamas pals.

Israel has the media against it in more ways than just bias reporting in favor of Hamas. I read where reporters were giving out locations of helicopters and where they were putting down (as the ground invasion began) as well as other sensitive information. The police are looking for them because they released information before they were allowed to so they might not be around to cover things much longer.

As I wrote yesterday, Obama has remained silent on this issue. Some claim it shows he supports Israel and others say that it means he is not willing to stand up for Israel. The Muslims are really peeved at him because he has not spoken against the Israelis. The Muzzies think Obama should have immediately condemned the Jews and others are saying he should have stepped in to give President Bush advice on how to handle it.

Obama does not know how to handle it and neither do most other people. Hamas will not ever be peaceful toward Israel so it does not matter what all the so called experts think.

The only ones who have it right are the Israelis. They are using overwhelming force to exterminate vermin.

And for the uninformed (like the French President and all the protesters) there is NO SUCH THING as too much force.

It amazes me how many people cry about Israel using too much force (or being disproportionate) but think nothing when these animals stone a woman to death because she did not have the proper clothing on.

Yeah, that is a proportionate response…

Hamas, make sure you kneel down and pray to Allah tonight, for it could be your last…

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Israel Enters Gaza For Ground War”

  1. solutions says:

    It seems that the long historic cycle of occupation,attack,reprisal,death and revenge. Has finally killed both the Israeli and Palestinians sense of humanity and turned their worship of God into the worship of a false idol of hate and power. They know no other way then too kill.

    They’re reduced to a people who would send their future into a crowded market wearing a vest strap with a bomb.

    The other willing to kill that same future by trying to make those same people beg and crumble into the sea. They have become what history tells us God save them from. They humiliate, they are the attacker, the controller, they are all powerful.

    They have shown that they do not understand all that they have endured to get to the point of Israel.

    The Palestinians have shown for 60 years that they are willing to endure as much if not more. They have lost their humanity not only toward their enemy but toward each other.
    Why else would you send your child to die…desperation. They want God to deliver them from their rulers too! The same refrain heard throughout history by another group.

    The solution simple!

    Either impose a settlement by force on Israel and the Palestinians.
    Or arm them equally so they can destroy each other rather then the world be forced to watch one commit a holocaust against the other.

    To posting video of your killings shows the lack of humanity that Israel has toward the world.Israel was the biggest and longest supporter of the South African Apartheid system

    Imposing peace would accomplish two things.
    Foster a period of stability allowing each country to breath the air of peace for a period of 15 years.

    The new Palestinian state would be protected by the 50,000 US forces not “NATO” support by the Air Force and the Navy. These troops would come from the reduced forces in Iraq.

    Any terrorist caught inside the new state would be convicted an executed. Israel will not attack American troops it would mean the end of the Jewish state.

    Infrastructure for the new Palestinians state would be built from the reduced aid to Israel , Egypt, Jordan and funds collect from the other middle east countries.

    Any violation by Israel would be met with harsh punishment . Lost of aid , no replacement of military parts etc. and or military action.

    Israel would receive recognition from all Arab countries and normalize relationships.

    Any Arab nation not recognize Israel rights would be boycott by all nations of the world and their assets frozen.

    After an additional 15 years no nation in the middle east would receive military aid from the US.


  2. vladi says:

    Hamas is teroristic organization and should be destroyed.
    Take a look the list of attacks Hamas launched against Israel only in 2008

  3. Pale says:

    Drag Bush, Olmerat, Ehud, Barak, Mo-Barak, Ab-Doola, Abbas, Al Saud ti interntional criminal courts and hang the. God, bring it uppon them. Wih Nuclear, chemical, terror they weild against the world. The ciminal are now contollig the whole world!

    • Big Dog says:

      Let’s drag all members of Hamas and all the terrorists around behind military trucks until they are nothing but bones.

      The true terrorists are the ones attacking innocent civilians ON PURPOSE.

      Screw the terrorists.