Israel Continues War On Terror

Israel has spent years as a target. They have been attacked by many Arab countries determined to finish what Hitler started. The Arab world does not recognize Jewish people as humans and believes that it is their destiny to wipe Israel off the map. Two terror groups committed acts of war against Israel in the past few weeks and the response from Israel was swift and deadly.

Israel, much to the surprise of Hamas and Hezbollah, responded with the full might of its military and they are prepared to reduce Lebanon and Palestine to rubble if they do not get their kidnapped soldiers back. In the event the Muslim terrorists kill those soldiers I would bet Israel will eliminate those responsible from the face of the Earth. Israel is fighting the war on terror. Those who say otherwise are misinformed of uneducated. Both Hamas and Hezbollah are terror organizations who have continually attacked Israel while the rest of the world asked Israel to exercise restraint.

The time for restraint is over and Israel is now in the process of eliminating the threat of terror in the region. One thing that the violence has done is reveal interesting information. We have learned that Hezbollah has much more sophisticated weaponry (though no where near modern) than as thought ans this caught Israel by surprise when a warship was struck by a radar guided missile. We also now have confirmation that Iran has been providing these weapons along with the money they spend to support the terrorists.

This is all part of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s plan. He wants all out war with Israel and is supporting those who committed the crimes that led to the escalation. Even though Iran denies any involvement their fingerprints are all over the place. Ahmadinejad is taunting Israel and the US with antagonizing rhetoric. He has indicated that Israel can not hurt Iran (an obvious dare) and he says that the Zionists and the West will pay a heavy price, especially if Israel attacks Syria.

Though Ahmadinejad has stated that any such attack would result in an all out war with the entire Arab nations, there are those who have not condemned Israel and who have refused to get involved. Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia have, so far, remained on the sideline. I believe that this is, in part, because of the swift and deadly response by first the US and now Israel, to terrorism. Many Arab nations do not want to experience the wrath of either nation.

As for Ahmadinejad and Iran, perhaps we should fly about 500 warplanes over their country to send them a clear message. We could fully arm enough warplanes to make the sky look cloud covered and just fly over Iran. We can tell them that if they get out of line the next time we fly over we will reduce them to powder. This might seem provocative and it could result in our planes being fired upon. That act would guarantee the destruction of Iran. If Iran wants to engage in threats than we need to show them what a threat looks like. They do not have a military capable of competing with us.

Of course, we are a bit engaged in Iraq and there are those who say that we can not fight both countries. Perhaps if we base those aircraft in Iraq and just continue an air assault on Iran they will be reduced to rubble. Any of their troops who try to enter Iraq and the war can be eliminated by our helicopter gunships. If we indeed engage Iran we need to forget all this worry about civilian damage. We should first take out all their infrastructure and nuclear facilities. If thy still insist on engaging then we need to carpet bomb them into the 18th century. I have long believed that in order for the threat of force to have any effect in the world of Islam it needs to be swift, brutal, and lethal to everything that moves. The world of Islam has no regard for human life and will use their civilians as human bombs and as shields. We need to consider them in the same regard as their leaders. Their religion tells them it is OK to give your life to kill the enemy so we should assist them in half of that endeavour.

Israel has the right idea though they are trying to limit collateral damage. The threat of force must come with the willingness to use that force or it is meaningless. This is why the Islamic world has become emboldened. Clinton talked a good game but would not back up his tough talk with tough action.

The world is on the brink of WWIII but we can reduce that possibility by reducing those who would escalate it to entities that are unable to function effectively. When they are living in caves or eliminated, we will be safe once again.

I pray Israel eliminates the terrorist threats in the region so that they will never be a problem again.

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