Israel Beats Obama With a Bibi

It is no secret the Obama regime used taxpayer money and had its interest groups in (as in go to) Israel in order to influence their election. Obama and his regime do not like Israel and they especially do not like Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. He is a strong leader who makes Obama look weak and ineffective.

The election looked too close to call right up until it was held yesterday. Pools showed a tight race and that Netanyahu might get beaten. Obama and his toadies were no doubt salivating at the idea of Netanyahu losing. They invested a lot of time and money in defeating him and it looked like they might just do it.

But the people of Israel had a different opinion. They showed up at the polls and their votes will no doubt lead to Netanyahu continuing as Prime Minister with an overwhelming victory.

The left in America are not happy. They wanted Netanyahu gone so he would stop making their messiah Obama look bad. The petulant folks in the White House could not muster the decency to congratulate Netanyahu on his victory. White House aide David Simas would only congratulate the people on having an election.

I do not know how American Jews view Bibi’s victory because so many of them are liberals who support the Democrat party. They continue to support the people who want nothing more than to see an end of the Jewish state. It seems self destructive and given the history of the Jewish people one would not expect that. I pray they wake up and abandon those who are not their true friends.

In any event, Netanyahu won and I congratulate him on his victory. He is a statesman and a true leader. While Obama spent his youth getting stoned Bibi spent his serving in the military and he is a real man’s man. No wonder the metro sexual in chief does not like him.

I am happy to see Obama and his flying monkeys (Wizard of Oz reference for the race hustlers) were not able to influence the results. They should not have been involved in the election and if they only lost their money it would be great but they funneled taxpayer dollars into their anti Netanyahu battle.

Now America, it is your turn to elect a true leader.

2016 fast approaches.

David Axelrod makes a moronic (and hypocritical) statement.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Israel Beats Obama With a Bibi”

  1. Barbara says:

    Could not have said it any better myself.